Starhawk Only $9.99 at Amazon - The Lowest Price I've Seen

Starhawk is just $9.99 on Amazon right now!

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BigStef713327d ago

Jump on this price people!!! I bought this game at launch full price and it was worth it. This is truly an underrated game just Resistance 3 and Twisted Metal. I mean the single player is alright but the multiplayer is where this game shines. If there was any game that came close to us getting SWBF3 it was starhawk no doubt

gamefanatic0073327d ago

I just checked and its $18.60. Not sure where the $9.99 is coming from...???

gamefanatic0073327d ago

a used copy on Amazon is $9.44....*shrugs*

mayberry3327d ago

Multi-player got it right on this game! So much entertainment fun, its incredible!

sdozzo3327d ago

Multi was pretty good. Still people playing.

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