MGS4 Opening Movie, In Production Over a Year

"The creator of MGS4's opening movie, Alexis Tylevich, joins Ken and Ryan on the show to discuss the project and talk about their wild night in Roppongi."

The opening movie includes PMC Adverts & Live Footage.
Apparently Hideo Kojima himself is more impressed with this opening movie than the actual game!

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IzKyD13315961d ago (Edited 5961d ago )

the opening sequence in the 3 previous games were VERY epic, the first one was the awesome opening in the submarine, the second one was insane with the bridge sequence, and the third one was my favirite with the halo jump, lets see if this one can top the others

Keowrath5961d ago

I agree, the Halo jump is my favourite too. The music track that goes along with it is awesome. Great memories of the first time I saw that cutscene.

Mainman5961d ago

Don't forget Snake's insertion method for Operation Snake Eater in MGS3. Using the Drone, thought that was awesome as well.

And in MGS:PO, the opening movie where Snake gets tortured. Thought that one was strong as well, it brought me right back to MGS3.

Kleptic5961d ago

the first one was the very first time I actually felt that video game and movie combination...

MGS1 had you exiting the submarine, then getting familiar with the gameplay mechanics for a few minutes at that little underground dock...and then it went into another cutscene when you reached the elevator...and the Metal Gear Solid appeared with that cool angle as Snake was taking off his scuba gear...sounds pretty generic now, but back then there was absolutely nothing like it...still one of my all time favorite opening cutscenes of a game...

sonarus5961d ago

kojima always goes over the top with production. MGS4 is a very high class of game that very few games ever reach. Ranks up there with gran turismo where the creators have just become perfectionist. Everything done with class.
On a side note i heard they would announce sumthin on the podcast what was it

jackdoe5961d ago

You do realize this isn't the intro movie, but rather the credit movie before the game? Akin to the Snake Eater intro featuring the infamous "Snake Eater" main theme. Kojima said they are spending a million dollars on this alone so this is going to be one hell of a credit roll.

xaphanze5961d ago

I like your avatar ;D.Bubbles for you.

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Mr_Kuwabara5961d ago

I think that was the only major thing left MGS4 to be released. I guess there now trying to check out for bugs and whatnot, especially for MGO.

PS3MAN855961d ago

I can't wait for this game to hit!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kain815961d ago

awesome i love the Halo Jump in MGS3

HeartlesskizZ5961d ago

Yep....the World's First Halo Jump =P

Hitman_Legend5961d ago

I can not wait for the this game to come out. 2008 will be a great year for all gamers.

Keowrath5961d ago

my year would be complete if MGS4 was the only title being released but we're also as you say going to get treated to many other great games.

grilledgorlupa85961d ago

If I could only get 1 year it would be Metal Gear Solid 4. I probably will only get that too considering my finances.

Kaz Hirai5961d ago

Screw it, more like biggest game of the decade!
Trust me, it's not long until its release!


LastDance5961d ago (Edited 5961d ago )

Abso-effing-lutly. Yea if I only played 1 game this year and it was mgs4 i wouldnt care:P game of the decade for me.

Ps. I remember reading that Kojima said theres going to be a big suprise right at the start of the game.

Equvilent to that of mgs2 with the introducing of raiden?

haha crazzzzzzy! any ideas?!?!?