PS3 meets PSM3 - The Aftermath

From psm3mag.com: "We played MotorStorm and Resistance. While this isn't the time to start writing a review of both games we will say that both were VERY impressive. Pretty much the whole building crammed into the games room here to see and play - and that's a lot of people from a lot of 'rival' games mags. Yes, the Xbox mag guys did take the piss and think it looked rubbish. But what else are they going to do? Fact is it's too early to successfully draw any 'better than 360' conclusions here. However Resistance looked like a great 360 game while MotorStorm had a certain 'PS3 magic' about it. We're talking texture detail, draw distance and realistic lighting rather than 'gameplay' or 'course design' here. We'll leave the proper review until we've played the finished game for longer than a couple of hours, thanks. That said, within thirty seconds you can 'see the PlayStation 3 difference' in this game.

Are we Sony fanboys? Well, we produce a mag all about PlayStation so you can draw your own conclusions. Are we paid by Sony to say good things? No way. I think that Sony's request to remove our video of PS3 starting up is proof of our unofficial status (and I suspect we're very naughty boys at Sony HQ right now). Do we hate 360 and Wii? No, we own 360s and will definitely be buying Wiis this Christmas. That said we'll DEFINITELY be buying PS3 in March."

kingboy6356d ago

lol u back again with the update... i was waiting the whole day for this

CAPS LOCK6356d ago

i thought there would be other footage hidden somewhere, but i was wrong...they are making me so jelous i want a ps3 and i dont want to wait untill march!

CAPS LOCK6356d ago

i thought there would be other footage hidden somewhere, but i was wrong...they are making me so jelous i want a ps3 and i dont want to wait untill march!

TheMART6356d ago

Would they mention the lock downs also? Reading this doesn't make someone happy that is planning to buy a PS3 I guess:

"While the reason for this is unknown, we suspect it may be due to overheating as a result of enclosing the units and the high temperatures at the venue," Gibson wrote. "We are concerned that such a problem has occurred so close to full production and is clearly negative news for the company."


big_tim6356d ago

I know how hot my 360 gets and if you enclosed it it would crap out also. This seems very likely that the conditions caused the problems. As for this post, I submitted it around 10 this morning and it never came up. Interesting read though. Shows us that it will come out on time.

kingboy6356d ago

Can`t u ever sh*t up for ones..i don`t get it really.u keep repaeting those god damn!negative points of yours for the past 3 to 4 months.We already know them,so please go play your 360 now..jeez!this don`t concern so move on with your life

TheMART6356d ago

I just quoted some news that was around this site today or yesterday. Nothing from 3 or 4 months ago.

Yes I think Sony rushed this thing, even more then Sony fanboys said the 360 was rushed. They always say they have the better product, but in the end it turns out to be the inferior one. As well as in actual output (graphics, AI etc.) as in hardware quality.

Just see the PS2 - Dreamcast. Winning because of lies, less quality also less then XBOX. Hardwarewise the DVD player broke down with so many PS2's.

Those things are happening again. Sony blabla about spec's on Cell which is great on paper for scientific use, but what on games? And the spec's of the GPU not out yet? That's total nonsense, they just know it would loose already on paper from the 360 GPU. The BR drive? Of low quality because the costs already got too high. Just the PS2 story over again. And I can't stand those biased Sony magazines.

Like the one that said: "Bioshock is coming to the PS3, trust us". So when I read this story, I like to put some quote from people that are not as biased as a PS magazine. That's called posting, your own opinion and what's around on stories.

If you only want to read: "yeah it's so great OMG I must buy it, need it now" be my guest. That would be boring

Retard6356d ago (Edited 6356d ago )

Please, please... quiet your nonsence AI, when it comes to systems means what? ITS CODE, a console won't make the choice to "I'll go here instead because my console is smart!" It's all code of the DEVELOPERS.

My P4 doesn't have worse AI then someone with a Core 2 Duo now does it? pfft. Please don't say AI has anything to do with consoles.