My PS3 Hates My PS Vita

"But you see, the one thing I really didn’t factor into this equation is my PS Vita. For a console that is supposed to have no games, I find myself incapable of putting it down. But worse, is that now I find myself going to sleep later and later everyday because of this sexy little beast of a system. I bring it to my room and put on the headphones and I’ll be on Black Ops Declassified until 2 or 3 am. I mean, it’s not fair to both me or my backlog on my PS3. I can’t even stop playing my PS Vita long enough to even write a review or two, for pete’s sake." - Gamer-rider.com

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Godchild10204108d ago (Edited 4108d ago )

I do the same thing. I recently started playing my PS3 again though; Playstation All-Stars brought me back to my PS3 and the WiiU for a day (Scribblenauts Unlimited).

The funny thing is I have never liked playing COD online and I find myself doing it on my Vita. For a system that doesn't have any games, I already have a backlog of games and that was prior to the IGC from PS+.

Cupid_Viper_34108d ago

Yeah Same here, I never really caught the CoD bug, but on the Vita it's a different thing though. I guess the portability plays a huge factor in that as well.

I have yet to open my copy of Black Ops 2 for the PS3, I gotta do something about that.

BattleTorn4108d ago

Haha, whenever I buy COD it sits for a while before opening it.

I don't like that I buy it, but there's little sense in not buying it. (IE, even my allegence lie with other shooters, they're still only getting a smaller piece of the same pie. Buying COD = bigger pie = better pieces for all)

Nitrowolf24108d ago

ha I jus Plat PS all-star on the Vita, time for the PS3

Welshy4108d ago

The game is an absolute breeze of a platinum.

I've had it for a day, haven't even been specifically trophy hunting yet and literally only need to do a level 3 move on certain levels and play each characters story on any difficulty.

Defo getting 2 platinums out of my Ps and Vita copies and have an absolute blast doing so!

Haven't enjoyed a fighting game this much in a long time! Having not played Smash Bro's either makes it feel a whole new experience to me.

Can't recommend PS All-Stars enough to both Vita and PS3 owners! Perfect multiplayer game for countless laughs at this time of year =D

Godchild10204108d ago (Edited 4108d ago )

Got my PS3 one a few hours ago. Had the Vita one 2 days after the release.

Going to watach Netflix then play PSASBR online. Same as TheFaceless, can't recommend the game enough to PS3/V owners. Enjoyable to play online and great for those looking to earn some quick easy trophies.

AcidKill4108d ago

NFS MW for PSV keeps me busy the whole day... >_<

Cupid_Viper_34108d ago

Yeah and I'm afraid to pick up Ragnarok Odyssey as I fear it will consume all my time as well.

himdeel4108d ago

Ragnarok is stupid fun! I really enjoy it! Cannot wait for Phantasy Star and Soul Sacrifice!

Cupid_Viper_34108d ago

Man don't say stuff like that, You're going to make me run out and get the game and ruin my life in the process...

mt4108d ago

for soul sacrifice I shall sacrifice my soul.

I can't wait for that game.

P.S I am having blast playing Ragnarok Odyssey.

G20WLY4108d ago

Me too! I want RO, but fear it at the same time. I'd never played FFVII, so downloaded it for Vita. Now every night it's the same once missus is asleep...I'll just play for 30mins and then save...2am comes and I feel annoyed with myself!

Since the last firmware update, I've mapped the analog sticks, front & rear screens and customised the screen size perfectly and this breathes new life into PS1 games :)

Meanwhile I have 3 PS3 games still unopened - one from 4 months ago!

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extermin8or4108d ago

nfs mw is on my tobuy within the week list :p (don't usually have this list) I played ps3 demo then watched video of starting on the vita they actually are damn near identical :D

eZJrg6ur4108d ago

I hear you, I play my Vita way more than my PS3. Heck, I find myself playing mediocre games on the Vita (like Lego LOTR) more than awesome games that I own for the PS3. It's kind of weird, but it is just so convenient and pleasant to sit on the couch playing the Vita while my wife sits next to me on her laptop while we watch Netflix on the PS3. Something about not dominating the entire living room to play a game is rather nice.

Also, I have a ridiculous backlog of Vita games now as well. I know COD and AC Lib weren't the system sellers people were hoping for, but I kind of wonder if we're past the point of System Selling Games. I'm not willing to spend hundreds of dollars for a single game, but if a system has a whole library of great games, the system becomes much more appealing. And imho, the Vita has a pretty rockin' library so far...

extermin8or4108d ago

tbh some of my favorite games ever have low scores; might have to finally pick up resistance; I'll be willing to try COD despite it's awfully short singleplayer when its cheaper; I reccomend gravity rush, and AC liberations got marked down just for being a vita game by alot of the judges

Qrphe4108d ago

I played Uncharted GA and Wipeout 2048 all this weekend thanks to PS+.

Hicken4108d ago

"I'm not willing to spend hundreds of dollars for a single game, but if a system has a whole library of great games, the system becomes much more appealing."

Thank you.

I can't understand why people maintain that mentality. Why would you be MORE willing to spend $300 to play one game than you would be to play a dozen games?

I didn't get a PS3 just to play Gran Turismo or FF. I bought it for all the JRPGs I expected(many of them got bought by Microsoft as exclusives or timed exclusives). I bought it for the next Ar Tonelico, the next Persona. I bought it for the hope of more Xenosaga, and Breath of Fire, and a sequel to Shadow of the Colossus.

I won't get a 360 just for Lost Odyssey. But for Tales of Vesperia, Blue Dragon, and the other half-dozen exclusive rpgs. For Alan Wake and Zoids(I like Zoids).

When I get a Wii, it won't be only for Fragile Dreams. It'll also be for Linger in Shadow, and Pandora's Tower, and Xenoblade and The Last Story. For MadWorld, Sin and Punishment, and Skyward Sword.

The Vita, likewise, has a very strong library worth picking the system up for. But it's disregarded because there's no Halo, no Mario, no Uncharted.

But there's Uncharted, Gravity Rush, Unit 13, Assassin's Creed, Need for Speed, Call of Duty(which seems to have mixed but mostly positive impressions), Ragnarok Odyssey, and plenty of others.

That's not worth it?

I have to think there's something fundamentally wrong with people who can't grasp that.

Caymanite4108d ago

Great article. I also took the plunge with the Vita from day one and I have zero regret. Currently I have a back log of games on the Vita as well, especially since P4G touched down last week.

Anyone hating on the Vita or stating that it has a lack of games, either does not have one or can't afford one and the many quality games it has. The biggest gripe that I have is how these other mobile systems (iPad in particular) get such great reviews with games that don't compare to what is available on the Vita in quality, depth, game-play or controls. A great example is NFS Most Wanted on the Vita, no other true racing mobile game can compare, yet there are other mobile racers that received better ratings /shrug.

Kingthrash3604108d ago

Agreed , a lot of great games on the vita has received bad ratings, that's why I don't read reviews anymore.... Well I do for a laugh, but its baffling to see. I've asked several "vita haters" if they owned a vita and I've never gotten a yes. Just a no response or I've seen it on YouTube reply. Smh

Protagonist4108d ago

I have been saying this for months now, and with P4: The Golden and other great PSVITA games on the horizon, It will continue so.