More MotorStorm Mayhem Gameplay

Hang on tight, this rides going to be a little bumpy!

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eques judicii6358d ago

This game will have all ps3 owners wishing they still had rumble pack

soccerstar6358d ago

honestly im not going to miss rumble that much and i usually did not have it turned on and when i did i didnt even notice it but thats my opinion

PS3 Ultimate6358d ago

It would'nt matter if they put the motion sensing in the game in use...

JIN KAZAMA6358d ago

I want the rumble back, i do not like the fact that sony got rid of it.

AuburnTiger6358d ago

just be glad they kept the pressure sensitive buttons.

likeaboss3026358d ago

The game looks pretty good but still not anywhere close to those E3 target videos. The lack of rumble is going to feel weird in a game like this. No rumble is keeping me on the fence with PS3 because tilt isn't doing a thing for me.

rmgst6358d ago

Sony didn't have a choice in getting rid of the rumble feature, they were in violation of patents belonging to another company. A company which Microsoft owns a substantial stake in.

JIN KAZAMA6358d ago

MS paid them, Sony tried not to. But i think enentually, MS bought some parts or all of that company.
But Immersion tells Sony, they are willing to help them on the rumble with tilt, but Sony aint having it. It sucks, cuz I want the rumble.

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Revisiting PS3 classic Motorstorm - The driving celebration that should never have ended

Digital Foundry : Evolution Studios' Motorstorm is one of the first, finest and most fondly remembered of launch titles for PlayStation 3. It's a release designed to answer the question posed by each new console generation: what makes a game 'next-gen'? With its robust physics engine and massive tracks, Motorstorm serves up a bold affirmative answer to this question, delivering an experience that could never have existed on prior console hardware. At the same time, the path to release was fraught with challenges that almost serve as a microcosm of the PlayStation 3 release situation itself. It was a success, however, with a trilogy of PS3 releases, plus PSP, Vita and even PS2 off-shoots.

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RaidenBlack650d ago

After Driveclub and Onrush, the dev team will now contribute to and assist with the development of the upcoming NFS.

darthv72650d ago

I would give anything to have a full compilation of the series remastered to play on PS5 with full DS support. Feeling the deformation of the tracks as you race in pacific rift or the snow laden tracks in arctic edge... that would be sweet.

MastaMold650d ago (Edited 650d ago )

Yes MotorStorm World Tour for PS5 damn it Sony make it. The Desert, Pacific Islands, The Arctic and City races.

Army_of_Darkness650d ago

Motorstorm Pacific rift was awesome! I think MotorStorm: Apocalypse was what killed the franchise due to its change of direction...

darthv72650d ago

Pacific rift is the best (IMO) but apocalypse wasnt what killed it. At least it was still somewhat of a MS game. The RC one is really a departure from the norm. None of which were bad as they were all fun in their own ways.

Army_of_Darkness650d ago

Lol! I completely forgot about the RC version.

Knushwood Butt650d ago (Edited 650d ago )

RC was a blast to play on Vita.

Apocalypse had unfortunate timing due to the 3/11 earthquake in Japan. I never got around to playing that one.

Evolution had some harsh experiences. I had Driveclub from launch and the server issues weren't that bad and certainly didn't prevent you from enjoying the game.