More MotorStorm Mayhem Gameplay

Hang on tight, this rides going to be a little bumpy!

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eques judicii5907d ago

This game will have all ps3 owners wishing they still had rumble pack

soccerstar5907d ago

honestly im not going to miss rumble that much and i usually did not have it turned on and when i did i didnt even notice it but thats my opinion

PS3 Ultimate5907d ago

It would'nt matter if they put the motion sensing in the game in use...

JIN KAZAMA5907d ago

I want the rumble back, i do not like the fact that sony got rid of it.

AuburnTiger5907d ago

just be glad they kept the pressure sensitive buttons.

likeaboss3025907d ago

The game looks pretty good but still not anywhere close to those E3 target videos. The lack of rumble is going to feel weird in a game like this. No rumble is keeping me on the fence with PS3 because tilt isn't doing a thing for me.

rmgst5907d ago

Sony didn't have a choice in getting rid of the rumble feature, they were in violation of patents belonging to another company. A company which Microsoft owns a substantial stake in.

JIN KAZAMA5907d ago

MS paid them, Sony tried not to. But i think enentually, MS bought some parts or all of that company.
But Immersion tells Sony, they are willing to help them on the rumble with tilt, but Sony aint having it. It sucks, cuz I want the rumble.

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The story is too old to be commented.