The Wii U saved my Wii but can't overcome its own content problems

It's great that you can transfer your Wii information to the Wii U, but good luck recovering Wii U content on a new console if you ever have a problem.

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wiiulee3132d ago

ok how does that not sound silly...wii has been out for 7 years , so has xbox and ps3....wiiu has been out not a week yet...hold your horses....wiiu will have the most games this next generation...def twice as many as the wii

Sammy1123131d ago

Well maybe not twice as many games. But it will definitely a lot more high quality games then the wii

Lifeequals423131d ago

Nintendo needs to get its act together.

morpha3131d ago

Nintendo is getting there. It will take time to catch upto PSN and XBL. Those services have been out for 7 years or more!