Resident Evil 6: So much hatred


Capcom's recent installment of their Resident Evil franchise has received a lot of mixed reviews. Some people have good points on why they don't like it, and that's fine, but some people's reasoning for why they hate the game just frusterates me, so I wanted to lay down my thoughts on some of this unfair criticism

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jc485732654d ago (Edited 2654d ago )

there are other reasons too. I have not purchased a single Capcom game since the whole SFxT disc locked content fiasco. This is basically their response to avoid the feeling they are constantly rehashing the same game over and over again, but this leaves the sensation that we are buying an incomplete product or where we have no access to some content. Capcom hides too much information from their gamers and that's really not a good thing. RE6 is really just average at best. It's not just hate on RE6, but the entire company. Who gives a darn how good Dragon's Dogma is if they don't treat their co workers with respect? My money doesn't go to people that bully their co workers or even their customers. My money only goes to the people that care about the fanbase. If you are going to charge dlc then "do" so, don't hide it. We all love honest companies. and don't give me that "well, if we don't buy, how they going to eat?" excuse. I don't blame them, I blame the greedy people running the company.

Neo-Axl2654d ago

"Resident Evil 6: So much hatred"

... For a reason.