Bring Back Campaign Scoring In Halo 4

TCO writes:

"If you’re like us and loved the option to turn on scoring in previous Halo campaigns, then you were probably just as disappointed to find out that Halo 4 would not feature any scoring options in its campaign. There are a few other notable things missing from Halo 4 as well, such as Team SWAT and the Competitive Skill Ranking system, but 343 Industries have already addressed those and confirmed that they are indeed on the list of features being added to the game. I haven’t seen anything about whether or not Campaign Scoring is on that list, so this is my feature request to have it added."

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TekoIie2655d ago

I only want the ability to put skulls on in Spartan Ops so I can use the thunderstorm skull to kill the higher ranking enemies more often :3

But with the scoring system I'm not all that bothered.

Lordchunk2655d ago

I like the campaign scoring it gave me and my friends a reason to push on harder through the game and we would brag about it too, Good times :)