Warhawk "Operation Broken Mirror" - Snow Map - Hinted by Dylan Jobe

On the Official Playstation Blog where Dylan Jobe the director of Warhawk announced details of the 1.3 patch, the user mikehc69 had posted the following comment...


Theres been alot of talk of a possible expansion called "Operation Broken Mirror" being released toward the end of March. Its popped up on various PSN release date lists. Any truth to this rumor?

Could it be the fabled SNOW MAP we have all been waiting for??"

Dylan Replied with the following:

"hmmm….that ASCII art looks interesting…"

Take this as you wish, but it looks like he's hinting at something here. Especially since when you click the ASCII art in his blog post, it brings you to a broken mirror image.

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pwnsause3896d ago

well didnt you guys click on the ASCII art, its comming alright, just click on it, and you get a Broken Mirror, lmao, Dylan, that was very easy.

socomnick3896d ago

I hope they dont rip you guys off again charging 10 dollars for a single map and a vehicle.

Siesser3896d ago (Edited 3896d ago )

$8 for the map with it's scaleable modes, and new modifications of all of the other maps, and the dropships. The game shipped for $40 with 5 maps, so this technically sort of fits with the pricing scheme. I do think they could lower it by a buck or two, since I'm assuming all of this additional content isn't trying to recoup cost spent on the initial code for the game (i.e., the game's made, now they're just making new assets for it), but with all this other stuff being free, I still consider it well worth the cost given the scope of the maps and the fun had on them.

sonarus3896d ago

@ socomnick yea 10 bucks was a lil steep for the dwnload but it was well worth it in my opinion. If this new map came out at 10 bucks alone i would probably still buy it. Anything to make warhawk more fun am all for it. But its not like we are forced to buy it. If you think its worth 40 bucks buy if not dnt buy. Sort of the way msoft charged 60 bucks for shadowrun when it was online only its not like you are forced to buy

Voozi3896d ago

Yea he made it pretty obvious, but until he straight out says it's coming, it's still considered "rumor & speculation" lol.

But either way, can't wait. I really hope there's weather in this map, snowing in the level...that'd be pretty sick

TheHater3896d ago

sweet. I love Warhawk. it one of my favorite games of last year, and this year.

sunnygrg3896d ago

Wow, is that a lake beside the snow? I really do hope you can walk on water. That'd be awesome.

MACHone3896d ago

Umm... I hope you know that's just a photograph... and not a screenshot....

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The story is too old to be commented.