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It’s finally here. The game that finished first in our most anticipated games for the rest of 2012 has finally made its way into my Xbox 360. After waiting the 10 minutes to install the second disc, I entered the world of Halo 4 as created by 343 Industries, re-united with the Master Chief and Cortana, then began my adventure. Spoiler: I really liked this adventure.

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Relientk772660d ago

Wow, very good score for the game, indeed

ALLWRONG2660d ago

Apparently 8 people think you didn't.

otherZinc2659d ago

Yes, great score.

Just finished H4 on Heroic. Those rating this game low should be ashamed of themselves.

Playing H4 on Legendary now, then on to the other modes.

shodan742660d ago

Can't say I'm that interested in any FPSs these days - but scores like this are certainly piquing my interest.

BitbyDeath2660d ago

FPS's aren't too bad when they offer co-op like Halo does.

Otherwise i tend to avoid them as well.

hennessey862660d ago

Is the lack of ammo, cleared an area of Prometheans had zero ammo and a drop ship dropped a load of covenant off and there was. Nothing I could do :D and I got nailed of a pack of grunts lol

bubblebeam2660d ago

Agreed. Not that there was a lack of ammo overall, it's just that if you ran out of ammo with your gun you were forced to pick up another.

It was annoying at times, but then again, it made me use weapons I otherwise wouldn't have bothered with, so it worked out fine.

PS: I never disagree with Metacritic scores, but how Halo 4 isn't in the 90's when Halo fans are saying it is the best since CE is beyond me. Gears 3 and Halo Reach are in the 90's, and this game puts the smack down on them IMO. They were only released 1-2 years ago respectively.

Samus HD2660d ago

someone gave it a 20/100 and ruined it

Norrison2660d ago

Troll reviews lowered it, without them it's 93

Irishguy952659d ago

Honestly from the heart, best Halo yet. I'm surprised I feel that way

aviator1892660d ago

Lol, that happened to me once during the campaign on Lengendary and boy, I was sweating bullets.

Finally, I decided to lure two grunts to my end of the battle area, killed them with my bare hands (and the ends of my AR), took their plasma pistols and literally just went with it.

But I was pretty proud to have gotten through the majority of that battle with two plasma pistols.

Convas2660d ago

The true definition of a (halo) man xD

RXL2660d ago

should've used the bullets you were swea...


oh i see


Summons752660d ago

What were you playing on? I've gone through on legendary and with the exception of the very first level, I've never once been out of ammo, especially near the end of the game. The game is great though and very challenging with enemy damage being higher than normal.

SJPFTW2660d ago

Scavenging for weapons + ammo is part of Halo, forces you to explore the world and to be good with an assortment of human, covenant and forunner weapons.

Master Chief is on a hostile planet that has not been discovered yet by humanity, of course their won't be weapons and ammo laying around lolol

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iNFAMOUZ12660d ago

well deserved, awesome game, best halo yet imo, now if they would only do a halo 2 remake, NOW THAT WOULD BE THE BEST HALO ever LOL, !! :)

BringingTheThunder2660d ago (Edited 2660d ago )

they'll do a halo 2 remake probably next year

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