Review: Resident Evil 6 [Press2Reset]

Chris has written an open letter to Capcom regarding the latest installment in the Resident Evil series. Give it a read.

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acidbrn2168d ago

I thought many reviews of this game were a little on the harsh side, I didnt think the game was as bad as many made it out to be.

Elderly_Cynic2168d ago (Edited 2168d ago )

I personally enjoyed the game, but there were a lot of issues that I felt detracted from what could have been a more enjoyable experience.

ape0072167d ago

me too enjoyed it very much, it might be unfocused but fun overall id give 8 out of 10

Imalwaysright2167d ago

I disagree. The pacing, the cheap kills, that horrid camera, the insane amount of QTEs, the broken cover system, trying to cram every type of gameplay mechanic/design just for the sake of it and the surprising lack of atmosphere for a game that wants to be called survival horror all took away from the experience. I would give it a solid 3/10 because i dont even consider it to be an average game.

Monstar2167d ago

Err, it doesn't want to be surival horror, people really need to stop using that excuse to bash the game, capcom are well aware of the changes and their vision of a more action/horror...which is what it is. The cover system doesn't need to be mentioned, nor used if you don't want too, it's there and it can be adjusted to just fine, the game doesn't rely on it for you to care..just more pointless bashing.

The camera was designed in a manner to give the player less view of whats around him to create some tension, etc. BESIDES, the new free update has addressed those who do not prefer the close up of the camera and more to the likes of RE4. (for you crybabies)

Cram in every time of mechanic? it is all used towards your advantage given the more agressive zombies/enemies. That's an opinion of course, besides it feels great and gives the player more variety with combat and satisfaction onces mastered. (melee system being one of the best). You will know what i mean once you stop crying and play the game on professional mode.

Just more nostalgic hate...just go play the game and accept change, it'll grow on you..if not, move on this is RE now.

Imalwaysright2167d ago

"it doesn't want to be surival horror" Not according to the devs so your point is mute.

The cover system is there and i did try to use it and its broken. Pointless bashing my ass.

"The camera was designed in a manner to give the player less view of whats around him to create some tension" i dont give a shit the camera is still horrid and at times makes the game unplayable because you dont know what is happenig around you. There is a reason why Capcom is changing it. I played the game with the horrid camera so obviously im gonna judge the game how i played it. Its not my fault that capcom released a broken game.

"Cram in every time of mechanic? it is all used towards your advantage given the more agressive zombies/enemies" it is? I personally think that Ada trying to be stealthy was half assed, the QTEs were a pain, the bike sequences were just meh and the melee was overpowered even playing on professional. RE6 is a case of variety gone wrong.

Nostalgic? The game sucks even as an action game and im not the only one saying that. Grow up and accept that other people have different opinions than your own. Dont assume that you know me and dont tell me how i should or shouldnt feel about this game.

LiquidSword932167d ago

With all the broken mechanics in this game a 5/10 would be fair. Most would probably give it lower but that would be fanboy hurt.

Monstar2167d ago

How is the mechanics, broken? It might NOT be for you, but in NO way is it broken. play it more than 10 mins and decide...ya fanboy.

LiquidSword932167d ago

Boy, you need a head check. YOU play it for more than ten seconds and then take in the shitty camera, visuals, ridiculuous set pieces etc. if that shit appeals to you then by all means write a review for it of like 9/10.

Elderly_Cynic2167d ago (Edited 2167d ago )

The only truly "broken mechanic" is the god-awful 'cover system' (as they call it). The camera's a little bit flighty at times (though a lot of those issues were fixed with the recent patch), but it's far from broken... just uncooperative in tight spaces.

Neither the visuals (which may not have appealed to YOU, but were presented well) nor the set pieces constitute 'game mechanics'.

LiquidSword932167d ago

Sigh here I go wasting a bubble on you so please pay attention.

-the cover system? Non existent? It's not broken, just ain't working at all and camera makes it horrible
-camera is buggy and shaky at all times and sits behind the character constantly at an angle that is both uncomfortable to most peoples eyes and also blocks most of what is happening in front of them
- set pieces are actually part of the game and therefore a mechanic of the game. They influence the levels as to whether or not they are extremely linear like they are in re6 or vast and open like in uncharted games
-the graphics are generally washed out and dull. Most would consider the graphics to be below 2012 standard by a good bit. In fact, many would agree that resident evil 5 graphics were better.

End of response.

Elderly_Cynic2166d ago (Edited 2166d ago )


I have a feeling this is going to be like trying to explain consumer electronics to a parakeet, but I'm going to try anyway.

'Gameplay mechanics' by definition are the ways in which a player controls, interacts with, or influences the game world. Examples include:

-Moving your character
-Aiming and shooting
-Vehicular control
-Using items
-Picking locks/hacking computers

Set pieces, on the other hand, are scripted events within the story which are triggered when the player meets certain criteria, such as killing all enemies or reaching a specific location. They are NOT gameplay mechanics.

Neither, for tht matter, are graphics. They are simply the visual representation of the game, not a mechanic. And, as with any kind of art, different aspects appeal to different people. I thought the graphics in RE6 had more details and were more varied than those of RE5, but that's a matter of personal taste, not a 'broken' anything.

The camera issues could be aggravating at times, but they didn't render the game unplayable. If you think this camera was 'broken' you should try playing Bubsy 3D... THAT'S a broken camera. In fact, a lot of the cameras in the early 3D games had significant problems, lik getting stuck behind walls, whipping back and forth in 180 degree arcs, facing away from your character, etc. The camera in RE6 got annoying at times, but it was a far cry from being truly 'broken'. And, as I pointed out, they fixed a lot of the camera issues with a recent patch.

Finally, the cover system is NOT non-existant... that's the problem. If there was NO cover mechanic, it would have been a dramatic improvement. The cover system did not work properly, or as intended. That's why it's BROKEN. That's the very definition of a 'broken mechanic'... it's the definition used by the industry,and it's the definition I'm using here.


Hasanhastam2167d ago

Re6 was nightmare.Resident evil is eliminated!