Xbox 720 has Halo 5 being developed for it now says 343 Industries

Examiner writes, "The Xbox 720 and next-generation consoles seem to be a bit of a mystery in some respects, but not to 343 Industries as they seem to be working on next-generation development for Halo 5."

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OneAboveAll4224d ago

Shittiest looking "5" i'v ever seen. lrn2phoshop.

Qrphe4224d ago

It's as bad as the 6 from RE6.

Campy da Camper4223d ago

Agreed. I read a comment about the RE6 looking like a giraffe blowing itself and now that is all I see.

Peppino74223d ago

At least there's something to look forward too.

Cam9774223d ago

Yeah, but it doesn't look like a retarded giraffe.

b163o14223d ago

Lmao I love where this conversation headed. The #5 lol.

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josephayal4223d ago

this looks kinda cool and cute

crxss4223d ago

haha whoever made that picture didnt even try to make it good, you can see that the 5 was just pasted over as a different image rather than drawn on lol

4223d ago
coolmaster4223d ago

This "5" looks like someone drew it in Paint.

geth1gh4223d ago

Where the hell in this article does anyone say anything about next gen consoles???

The only time its mentioned is when the author of the article implies it in the first paragraph. Guess he wants some serious hits to his page....

Blacktric4223d ago

First comment says how crappy the 5 looks in the obviously photoshopped thumbnail picture, the rest of the comments are just bunch of off topic crap agreeing with the guy or claiming there's worse. That's N4G community for ya.

On topic:

""We've done as much prototyping and storytelling and the future arc of the universe as we have on technology.

"So we're definitely working on the future but in some ways it's technologically agnostic at this point."

So there's nothing that states that the guy said Halo 5 is being developed for sure for Xbox 720. And that's Examiner for ya.

otherZinc4223d ago (Edited 4223d ago )

You guys didn't even read the article!
Its about development of Halo 5.

Per the ARTICLE!, this is a good move. I'm glad they understand we want the Halo Series to continue.

If you own a business or a team of developers, you want them constantly working on the next big thing. This is what 343 is doing, "working on the next big thing"!


showtimefolks4223d ago

well what did you think they will stop making halo games all of the sudden? in other news uncharted 4,gt6,killzone4,forza,fable,al an wake all will come to next gen system

Gamer19824223d ago

Halo is the new COD. Theres a new title out every year lately.. So differnt from the first 2, 3 years between 1 and 2 and 3 years between 2 and 3 yet now they are every year.. Rushed cash cows..

starchild4223d ago

You're an idiot. Last generation we only got two Halo games. This generation we have had two major Halo games (Halo 3 and Halo Reach), 1 spin off (Halo 3 ODST), and we are about to get a 3rd major Halo game (Halo 4). The Xbox 360 has been out since 2005.

How is that much different than 4 Uncharted games, 5 Ratchet & Clanks, 4 Resistances, etc?

There hasn't been a Halo out every year. Not even close. Halo Reach came out over two years ago. Halo 3 came out over 5 years ago.

The pace of new releases in the Halo franchise is actually fairly slow considering how wildly popular the series is.

killerhog4223d ago


Halo 3
Halo wars
Halo ostd
Halo reach
Halo HD
Halo 4

Uncharted 1-3
Uncharted golden abyss (psvita)
killzone 2-3, trilogy
Killzone (psvita)
Resistance 1-3
Resistance burning skies (psvita)
Wasn't most of the ratchet and clank technically dlc?

Psp is last gen, so like you implied, we ain't counting kz liberation or resistance then.

Crazyglues4223d ago

Come on' Really that 5 was just posted there for the story, it's not an official 343 Halo 5 logo.. LoL

The things you guys focus on... The story is about, "development has begun on Halo 5 for a next-generation system?"

Psycho_Mantis4223d ago

From my perspective is actulley looks like a women bending over giving a giraffe a blowjob....lok at it again im not kidding!

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LX-General-Kaos4224d ago (Edited 4224d ago )

This is positive news

Even before the grand celebration caliber release of the industry leading platform exclusive first person shooter franchise with Halo 4. Halo fans can rest assured that Halo will carry on into the next generation of Microsoft and online gaming. With Halo 5 being developed for the successor of the current generation leading HD platform the "Xbox 720".

News has been breaking out left and right for future next generation platforms. Even rumors of an E3 2013 showing. The world has been on the sidelines patiently waiting for future Xbox confirmation. 343 has just given us the evidence needed to insure that the future of Xbox live is lurking.

Day one purchase for the Xbox 720, and Halo 5 when available wherever videogames are sold.

Rated E For Everyone

CalvinKlein4223d ago

ahha yeah sure, when someone praises someone that is not sony it is trolling to these sony fanboys lol. You can only write a positive comment about sony or you are trolling here on N4g.

ginsunuva4223d ago

No he's funny. I wanna read more.

MidnytRain4223d ago


Are you kidding? Have you read this guy's posts? He goes beyond simple praise. What he does would be more accurately described as "****-riding."

konnerbllb4223d ago

MidnytRain, Exactly. He's clearly a troll if you read enough of his posts.

Calvin, I own an xbox and ps3 but hardly play either. I don't consider myself bound to either console in a fanboy fashion.

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Thatguy-3104223d ago

Your PR way of approaching these articles really make my day. Get a good laugh out of it. But seriously another Halo? How much more to the story is there?

LX-General-Kaos4223d ago (Edited 4223d ago )

Thank you for the support. Halo has a considerable amount of story left from past present and the future of the Halo timeline. There are books, side characters, and sub stories like the Forward to Dawn mini series. Which all have potential to be transferred onto disc for your future gaming experience. The fight is far from over in the Halo universe.