Ex-343 dev says there were “20-30” pitched Halo games we’ll never see

A former 343 developer has revealed that mountains of Halo pitches failed to be approved, including a return to ODSTs and a push for more intimate, dark themes.

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Kaii64d ago

Well, 4-Infinite dropped the ball massively so don't worry.

Sgt_Slaughter63d ago (Edited 63d ago )

Not really. 4, 5, MCC, and Infinite are only remembered for their shortcomings and failures when the franchise was purely known for being a system seller and an all-time great. There's a reason 1, 2, 3, and Reach are looked back on fondly, and it's not because of nostalgia.

FinalFantasyFanatic63d ago

I don't know of anyone that speaks fondly of the later Halo games, I would like to play 5, but I know it's not good, and I'm just waiting on Infinite to hit my strike price. I played MCC a lot later after it came out, so must of those bugs/issues were gone by the time I played it.

63d ago
PhillyDonJawn63d ago (Edited 63d ago )

To say it dropped the massively is just not true. Many in the community hold H5 as the best mp mechanics in the entire series and say its what 4 should've been. Its campaign was trash but the MP is Fantastic and many faces of the community still play today and it only made 500mill in the matter of months but sure it dropped the ball massively. 4 was hated due to all the changes at once. And CoD like feature and rightful get hate but it's campaign story was liked by a majority of ppl. 343 hasn't nailed ot 100% but they get 1 thing perfect but F up in other places. Infinite had a good campaign and design but the story was a mess. The MP improves upon what Halo 3 was and is what many ppl wanted to go back to but it lacked content severely. So massively aint the word. Dropping the ball massively is when it's pure trash and unplay/unenjoyable. Most ppl blind by nostalgia so soon as 1 thing aint the same its hated cause Halo set the bar so high
FYI reach was not that good.

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Vengeance113864d ago

Dead IP, time to invent something new.

kaos8964d ago

Maybe they can have ID or one of the COD studios help 343 with this series.

jznrpg64d ago

Halo-Pop like Gears Pop. Halo bowling. Halo Cooking Mama. There’s a reason why you won’t hear about them

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TheEnigma313103d ago

Yup the series x is MS' last console. They will go full blown gamepass

Terry_B103d ago

There might be one more console..and sooner or later they will go from downloads to streams only.

Its just a matter of time and will happen to every gaming platform except the pc I fear.

Einhander1972103d ago

"Its just a matter of time and will happen to every gaming platform except the pc I fear."

I mean, Microsoft has stated for years they envision a day when even Windows/PC itself will be cloud only.

In my opinion the whole reason they started Game Pass was to move gaming onto cloud through a subscription because they saw "gamers" as easier to manipulate with their thought being that if they could get enough public adoption of cloud gaming they would be able to use that as a door way to moving the entirety of computing into the cloud, which of course they would control.

But of course, luckily thus far their subscription growth hasn't been great and the billions of gamers they thought they were going to hook seems like a fever dream and cloud gaming is still off to a very slow to start

EvertonFC103d ago (Edited 103d ago )

Agreed it'll be the gen after I think but I wouldn't be surprised either if they didn't.
Maybe they'll go all digital though with a series S style console with cloud/AI help to boost specs ? And out GP on playstation and Nintendo day1.
It's all upto playstation and Nintendo weather they allow it though.

shinoff2183103d ago

I think we still got plenty of time. Sony and Nintendo are still doing an exceptional job with physical releases. Look how many small publishers are out there still doing physical. Some even as low as 1000 print runs. Good for Sony and Nintendo.

crazyCoconuts103d ago

On everything going to streaming,
not going to happen.
Our demand to push more data will continue to outstrip the advances to make streaming better...physics gets in the way.
Now we want 60fs...120fps...VR...
Local consoles will continue to be a thing one way or another.

darthv72103d ago

I am 51 years old. I watched the birth of this hobby, saw it mature into a titan of financial wonder, and will watch its demise as it becomes more of a streaming only enterprise with no more innovation or effort put into individuality of platform. Then i will die knowing all that i know and experienced will never again be known or experienced by the younger generations to come.

crazyCoconuts103d ago

@darth, that demise better come soon then ;-)

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Inverno103d ago

Makes you wonder why they took Bethesda games off PS in the first place.

shinoff2183103d ago

Maybe to see how being on xbox only would go.

-Foxtrot103d ago

I think back then it was like their last resort, Phil Spencers last big push to try and tip the scales in their favour sale wise. It would also show Microsoft higher ups that Xbox was still relevant as we've all seen past articles on how they wanted to sell Xbox off and the like until Phil Spencer had his way.

Making Starfield an exclusive was them using every tool at their disposal but since Xbox sales didn't improve and people continued to buy PS5s its obviously made them change their strategy.

crazyCoconuts103d ago

Not a slam dunk. Even if they're a distant last place and choose to not do exclusives they may still make one for their loyal GP fan base

Profchaos103d ago (Edited 103d ago )

The whole industry will likely go streaming that's the sad reality they are all pushing for.

When that happens I'll be strictly retro

thorstein103d ago

We'd need a new internet for that to happen. This one is too slow.

Terry_B103d ago

Yup...sadly that might happen. Only small teams will continue to let you download games. I guess the time of physical media in general is counted in some years as well aside of some obscure collector editions. Just look at the music and movie market already. There are less and less albums and movies available on cds, bluray or dvds.