Ten of the Most Disturbing Moments in Gaming

Happy Halloween, ladies and gents! Considering the time of year it is, MMO Attack figured it’d be good to go with something a little creepier. We all seem to have a fascination with being frightened; an obsession with our response to fear. Game developers are certainly aware of this, and there’s a whole collection of games out there custom-tailored to induce sheer terror.

Of course, not every horror game is created equal, and not every game that disturbs was intended to be horror. Sometimes – either intentionally or accidentally – developers will insert something into a title that causes controllers to hit the floor simply by the sight of it. This piece is an homage to those moments – and games- which remain in our memory and frighten us to this very day.

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FlameHawk2201d ago

Errr Laughing Octopus, so creepy.

caseh2201d ago


Agreed, creepy character.

floetry1012201d ago

Glad they chose THAT scene from Spec Ops. Disturbing, but also soul shattering. The mannequins in Condemned too. God help us.

fOrlOnhOpe572201d ago

Might I add the horror that was named Haze lol. The thought of it still makes me shudder!