6 games that failed to launch

MyGaming's Tarryn van der Byl writes: "Although gamers assume that gaming journalists spend most of our time sitting around playing free games in our undies and cashing big cheques from publishers for favourable reviews, the biggest part of the job is actually writing about games that haven’t even come out yet. Or, in some cases, never turn up at all, despite all that time and effort we’ve put into telling everybody about them."

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Cam9772180d ago

I wonder whatever happened to Agent; maybe it has been postponed for next-gen?

e-p-ayeaH2180d ago

Im not placing any bets for all i know its just a name nothing more.

Sashamaz2180d ago

Project offset is another game to add to that list, it looked so promising :(

2180d ago
3rdDimension2180d ago

Hmmm...not sure why the poster of this article used the challenger explosion as the image header. I mean I get why but thinks it's kinda sucky...:/

Deku-Johnny2180d ago

The list missed out The Grinder as well. That looked like an awesome game. the Wii's answer to Left4Dead. There were gameplay videos and everything, I couldn't wait to play it and now years later nothing has come of it.

Neonridr2180d ago

me too, I wonder what happened to it.. I mean the gameplay videos have music, voice overs, usually that stuff is added really late to the game..