Agent - Gaming's Biggest Unsolved Mystery, 11 Years Later.

Andrew says: "Where is it? Why is it 11 years later, and we’re not only wondering why a hugely anticipated game disappeared off the face of the Earth, but why their creators don’t even acknowledge it anymore?"

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RaidenBlack1019d ago

People still keeping Hope for this one?

isarai1019d ago

I wouldn't say "hope" but it's curious that R* still have it listed on their site

roadkillers1017d ago

This is the biggest mystery to Half-Life

Elda1017d ago

Just stop. The concept has evaporated eons ago. Move on.

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Fuzzybacon1017d ago

I thought Rockstar said this was dead a long time ago.

morganfell1017d ago

And yet Take Two continues to renew the copyright...

LightofDarkness1017d ago

I think they're just holding on to it for the perceived hype it's already amassed. If they do take another stab at it, it seems Rockstar won't be at the helm.

morganfell1017d ago

But the hype doesn't actually serve them. Not really. I do not expect to see it but I am also not writing it off. Do I think they are holding onto it merely to prevent someone else from seizing it and making a half baked game while riding on the notoriety? Likely. But I also will not say never.

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The story is too old to be commented.