Rockstar Games' Agent Cancellation Fears Possibly Confirmed

Could this mean yet another IP being ignored by Take Two

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Garethvk54d ago

The fact that it has been this long and was intended to be a PS3 title pretty much is all you need to confirm it is not happening.

chicken_in_the_corn54d ago

This. And the fact Rockstar North worked on GTA V and RDR2

VenomUK53d ago

The game’s been cancelled and there’s still more chance of this coming out than Star Citizen.

ProjectVulcan53d ago

When it was first announced 90 percent of current Fortnite players were not born yet, that's how long ago it is

Yui_Suzumiya52d ago

Just like how I've been waiting for a Snatcher sequel for 26 years 😅

1Victor53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

😂 you don’t need to have a Nostradamus prediction to see this one coming🤣, but hey there still hope it’ll be developed before the fabled PS10🤷🏿
Edit I forgot to tell you it’ll be based on a true story of a ticket agent 😜 and it’s going to be a simulator

Epicor52d ago

Rockstar still owns Sony that one exclusive game, right? Or maybe there was a monetary settlement being made already.

roadkillers52d ago

Hell no. It may be contractural, but there is no way Sony will make them hold their end up. You are bringing Rockstar to court with the possibility of ruining a relationship with possibly the biggest brands out there.

... oh and we didn't know the terms either.

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XiNatsuDragnel54d ago

Please just release the game already

ApocalypseShadow54d ago (Edited 54d ago )

I think the writer is "a little late" if they are wondering on if Rockstar is ignoring the Agent game announcement. Anyone waiting this long for the game have gone to college, got married and had kids. It's not an IP if there wasn't any game released.

It's just another reminder of an announcement that went nowhere. Same as Deep Down, 8 Days, Killing Day, The Getaway, etc.

If it ever shows up, it would be the surprise of the year. But I wouldn't bother holding your breath.

gintoki77754d ago

It was all just a lie to get us to buy consoles

Activision53d ago

You're right. It was FRAUD

ApocalypseShadow53d ago

I wouldn't go that far. More like Rockstar was no longer committed in making games beyond their bread and butter GTA and RD that sells in the tens of millions. We see that today. No new IPs. No updates or sequels of their other games.

No more Bully, no Warriors, no Midnight Club, no Table Tennis, no Manhunt, no Smugglers Run. Nothing but the above two games. No risk. I mean, they can't even be bothered to create DLC for those above games. Just milking the online with micro transactions.

They announced Agent but were never committed to make it in my opinion.

roadkillers53d ago

This title was most likely fraud. Take-Two and Sony had a partnership. This is why every GTA prior to 4 was released on Playstation console first. Rockstar promised a new unique IP to Sony for the release of GTA time-exclusivity.

I'm not mad, but I do genuinely think Sony was played with. What could Sony do? Bring them to court and ruin an incredibly strong relationship with the most dominant company in the industry? They were frustrated, I remember past interviews with Sony stating that they know nothing on Agent.

Remember, Rockstar was still releasing games on a yearly basis when Agent was announced. In my opinion, one of the biggest gaming heists of all time and by fact... one of the biggest gossiped game of all time.

Mr_cheese53d ago

No lies, I went to uni, got married and am now expecting a kid hahaha

I did however 99% give up on Agent, saved the 1% because I'm a dreamer

ApocalypseShadow53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

Lol. Well, it's nice to dream. Congrats on the baby.

The way I look at it is if they were really committed to make it happen, they would have already. It just didn't fit into their GTA formula.

No matter what people think of The Last Guardian, Sony seemed to commit to releasing it. Either it was the team, the producer, director, something. They WANTED to make it after Ico and Shadow of the Colossus. No matter how long it took. We may not see that happen again at Sony. I do respect them for that.

But you can see the difference as Rockstar never released a trailer of the game, no updates, no developer interviews, etc. I figured it was dead after the first year. If it ever shows up, even "Duke Nukem" would smile.

Mr_cheese52d ago

Thank-you! It's exciting times and made me laugh when reading your comment because it put the whole saga into context.

GTA Online has destroyed a lot of what we, the fans, expect from Rockstar. It is a shame because it feels like they're becoming a one game (new) a generation business now rather than a multi game developer.

Can't ever diss the quality of what they deliver, just wish we had more (which isn't outrageous considering the bank they make)

assassin2k53d ago

Deep Down looked really great. Of course, we've had Dark Souls 3 and Bloodborne and more since then to fill the void.

jBlakeeper53d ago

R* won’t sell anything that isn’t proven to sell tens of millions. The gaming landscape has changed immensely since this game was announced and game development is too expensive and takes too long to incentivize making new IP’s.

Yui_Suzumiya52d ago

For me it's the opposite.. I was married to my second wife and had a kid around that time.. now I've been divorced for 9 years, gotten obsessed with anime and visual novels recently and even got a Yui Hirasawa tattoo on my right now. If anything I've experienced extreme age regression in certain aspects, lol.

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shadowT53d ago

was once announced for PS3

sourOG53d ago

Lmao someone still waiting for agent

Yui_Suzumiya53d ago (Edited 53d ago )

Well I am.. then I'll actually enjoy something that Rockstar created for once aside from the first RDR, lol

sourOG53d ago

Don’t hold your breath lol. They burn dollar bills to power their headquarters. It would have happened by now. It should have happened by now.

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