Resident Evil 6 gets post-launch discount

An online retailer is currently offering a post-launch discount for the Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 versions of the multiplatform survival-horror video game, Resident Evil 6.

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caseh2175d ago (Edited 2175d ago )

Not really, Sega's Binary Domain was less than half price within 2 months of release.

edit: Shame it sold so well though (RE6), the price would come down one hell of a lot faster. :)

Binary Domain is one of the best games i've played this gen and I thought the demo was a bit crap. if you liked the demo, go out and get the game, right now. :)

Relientk772175d ago

I thought the demo for Binary Domain was actually sorta good

Relientk772175d ago

Playstation 3 version for $49.00 and the Xbox 360 version for $49.32

$49.32? What a stupid price, why not just make them the same price

Knight_Crawler2175d ago

Because XBox has a bigger install base in America.

GamerElite2175d ago Show
Knight_Crawler2175d ago (Edited 2175d ago )

@360Elite - How mature of you...Sorry that I hurt your feelings, was not my intentions.

Alos882175d ago

Zavvi has it for £24.95 (console version)

caseh2175d ago

I spit on your £24.95 deal offer :P

£22.85 :)

Ruggadagod2175d ago

The game is not good though.

AngelFuria2175d ago

I think I will still wait...

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