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The 80′s and 90′s are an era of gaming that many remember with fondness. Back during that time, our lives became consumed by just one or two titles, games that we played until we squeezed every last drop of gameplay from them. We became so enthralled that we memorized every secret, every trick, all the music. Back then, games were simple and only strived to be one very important thing: fun. These days, games are still fun but in a very different way. Many set their sights on being more cinematic or more realistic, creating different (yet still great) experiences than the games we used to play when we were young.

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herobyclicking2817d ago

I totally loved the demo, it is a great option for the Vita. However I am a child of the 80's, so I do get most of the references. That was a long time ago (sigh).

Gamesauce2817d ago

I already just love the trailer for the game history goodness it has. Knowing the game is also so highly rated on gameplay, how the hell can I miss on this!?

b_one2817d ago

thank God for demo, this game is a chaos and mess, will give it a 2nd try but... small chances..