Top 5 Rarest PS Vita Games of All Time

The PS Vita is chock full of great titles on PSN, where of course most PS Vita fans purchase their titles. However many titles that once held prominence on the PSN Store can no longer be found, and many physical PS Vita titles are harder to find than a politician’s honor. Regardless the VitaBoys lay out the Top 5 Rarest PS Vita Games Ever.

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DivineAssault 1728d ago

Guess ill hang onto my marvel vs capcom.. I do want retro rampage physical cart but i refuse to pay $100 for it

Null19801728d ago

Sucks that they took Marvel vs Capcom 3 off of the PSN store. I feel in the digital age, there shouldn't be any current titles that are impossible to buy.

KentBenMei1728d ago (Edited 1728d ago )

Agreed. If they're in your wishlist they should be safe at least.

donwel1727d ago

You're joking, Steins;Gate is 200 dollarydoos?
Well I was going to keep hold of it anyway but, damn.