Retro City Rampage is Getting a Limited Edition MS-DOS Floppy Disk Release

Here's an odd one for you: Retro City Rampage will be getting a special limited release on the obsolete floppy disk for MS-DOS. Yeah, it's a first (that we know of,) but it's interesting all the same.

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IamTylerDurden11771d ago

I'd buy it, i love this idea.

nowitzki20041771d ago

Might have to get a MS Dos drive. I used to love those things.

Deadpool6161771d ago

I better upgrade my PC to play this! :D

thereapersson1771d ago

That's the greatest thing ever. Makes me wish I still had my old Windows 3.1 machine.

Wolfenstein511771d ago

Thinking of buying it as this could be worth thousands in 15 years or so.

1771d ago
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