Battlefield Makes The Right Choice With Television "I have been a big supporter of video games going to the TV screen instead of the movie screen. In fact a short while ago I listed some games that would make awesome TV shows. Now it seems the idea is coming to fruition as Battlefield will be heading to Fox, and we are not talking about the movie studio. This is great news, but will it pan out?"

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Cam9773512d ago

Hhhmm, I don't really know why I'd watch a game program!?

rpd1233512d ago

I think it depends on the game and what kind of show it would be. For example, I think Mass Effect would be better as a space opera epic like Star Wars than it would be a tv show. But Assassin's Creed could make an awesome cartoon (especially if done like this

Personally, I don't think Battlefield would be good as either. It's not a character driven game by any means. I guess I could see Bad Company being a show, but it still isn't very character driven.

stevenhiggster3512d ago

It is Bad Company, not just plain Battlefield.
I guess if they stay closer to the comedy style of BC1 rather than the more serious tone of BC2 then it could be worth watching, provided they get the right actors for the four roles. I don't really have high hopes for it though.

rpd1233512d ago (Edited 3512d ago )

Alright well if it's Bad Company then there's hope I guess. Still the only really character driven part of that was them being funny. My hopes aren't very high either.


That's true. Their trailers are amazing and if they made an entire movie like their trailers it'd be incredible. But I think the movie they have coming up could be pretty cool too because Ubisoft isn't selling the rights away so someone can butcher it. It'll stay true to the games.

InactiveUser3512d ago

For Assassin's Creed you only have to look at some of their trailers to see it could be made into a pretty awesome movie. Some of the trailers are very cool short films.

MasterD9193511d ago

I'd prefer T.V. stay away from beloved franchises like AC or Mass Effect....Battlefield I don't mind because there will never be an exact story that the show must stay on track with to match the game. They can do whatever they want.

Although honestly, I don't see a point to this....