Xboxer360 Review: Forza Horizon

Dave Burns of writes "When Forza Horizon was announced people didn’t expect it to be an arcade racing game, think of Horizon as a love child of earlier Need For Speed titles and recent DiRT titles. This may not go down well with fans of the Forza series but it certainly packs a punch. Horizon is based around a festival (called Horizon funnily enough) in Colorado, 70 main events to take place during the festival and there certainly is a lot more stuff to do outside of the main events."

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Blankman852972d ago

Forza's high standard and quality.

SOD_Delta2972d ago

Good score. Forza has always been good and I wasn't expecting less.

bubblebeam2972d ago

Nice to know you also like Gran Turismo (just a hunch ;)Don't see why people can't enjoy both.

I downloaded the demo yesterday, and will play it tonight. Hopefully it still feels like Forza but fresher.

SOD_Delta2972d ago

Both GT and Forza are great games. I would like to play this game, but I no longer play 360. I believe I'll pick this game up eventually. I just hope I don't need XBL gold to use some features.

ChunkyLover532971d ago

Amazing scores! People might complain that Microsoft doesn't put out a ton of exclusives with the next generation looming large, but nobody can deny the quality of the exclusives they are putting out.