Fable 2 Presentation Shots

Fresh from the X06 event, Totally 360 is pleased to bring you the first shots of Fable 2, direct from a presentation at X06. The new screens don't reveal very much, but they do show some rather nice artwork.

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Karibu5915d ago

Doesn't look like the CGI video. Where's the HUD?
Enough with the screen shots, where's the gameplay? I knew they couldn't live up the hype. Why MS+ Stop lying you fans. That's it, this was the last straw. I'll go for PS3 now.

BTW, sarcasm.

Sphinx5915d ago

I like that sarcasm note at the end... at first I was thinking, "who is this dumbass?!?!" :)

kmis875915d ago

From these three screenshots we know:
Beautiful Scenery: Check
Whores: Check
Addresses the missing features of Fable: Maybe.

At least Lionhead isn't overhyping this like they did with the original. Taking a low key approach this time and letting the gameplay hype the game would be a good idea this time around.

Sexius Maximus5915d ago

Any game with whores HAS to be cool. I'm in.

power of Green 5915d ago

I'm going enjoy pimping whores in Fable 2. Cool sh*t!

Sphinx5915d ago

...I am more of customer.

kmis875915d ago

At least your icon is fitting. Sammy is one of the biggest pimps ever IMO.