Halo Wars Intial Impressions

Yesterday Bungie revealed a new title to go with the Halo franchise and it comes in the form of an RTS.

Sadly the trailer wasn't in real time, but CGI. Even so, after watching the short trailer Microsoft had to distribute three employees to go through the X06 speech hall and push everyone's lower jaw up.

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kmis875915d ago

How come we can't have one ps3 article without someone mocking cgi, even if its a gameplay video, but no one cares about this?

Could it be that people know that concept trailers are important from an art direction standpoint and for creating hype(which entails more game sales), but are willing to overlook that fact to bash the opposition?

Anyways, this looks like its gonna be good. I hope it comes to the pc so I can play with a mouse and keyboard and not a controller.

Phenom195915d ago

i think ppl make a big deal when the cgi is on a console because they wanna see what the ps3 and 360 can do. i dont have a problem with cgi as long as the game is fun, thats what should matter

PS360WII5915d ago

Yes this was only cg. Furthermore a whole slew of game trailers on marketplace for upcoming games had nothing but cg. So case in point why is it okay for ms to do it but not okay for sony?

But yeah consept looks good. I can see where they are heading and hopefully they can incorporate the controller for a nice console rts

silent ninja5915d ago

they's nothing wrong with showing cg. but in the case of sony they INTENTIONLY lied at e3 05 with killzone saying it was in-game when it wasn't.
so thats why whenever sony shows something like cgi trailers theys always doubt

Islandkiwi5915d ago (Edited 5915d ago )

IT was obvious this was cgi and not's an rts game! It's when you show cg and call it gameplay that you should cal them on it.

power of Green 5915d ago (Edited 5915d ago )

Gameplay is #1 with Xbox games. We know cgi isn't the selling point of Xbox games. Is that simple enough for you. When i see an cut scene on a Xbox game i know the games not half movie and half game. For the most part MS is trying to keep the story telling-cgi as close to the real gameplay as possible and often the cut-scenes and cgi are matched if not dam close to the real deal. 2.1 i agree the other team uses cgi as an tactic and doubles as story telling it's just the way the Japanese like it and that carried over to the American market.

5915d ago