Android Police: The Bard's Tale Review: 3.5GB Of Awesome Quests, Laughs, And Cleavage

Android Police: Android gaming is becoming a bigger deal all the time with high-end games launching on the platform every week. The Bard's Tale is something a little different, though. Not only is it a highly anticipated game with similarly high production values, it is the biggest game I'm aware of on Android. With 20-30 hours of content and 3.5GB of game data, this is a real time investment. Let's figure out just how special The Bard's Tale is.

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ab5olut10n2221d ago

super sweet. this game is pretty funny, very well written, AND badass so i recommend that anyone with the means get it.

thebudgetgamer2221d ago (Edited 2221d ago )

Hell yea, The Bards Tale is one of my favorite games ever made. Is it easy to play without physical buttons?

ab5olut10n2221d ago

I don't know, I was just saying The Bard's Tale is tits.