Why The PS Vita Is Still The First Choice For Handheld Gamers

Despite the release of the Nintendo Switch, the PS Vita is still the first choice for handheld gamers.

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Elda2100d ago

I don't even use my Vita.

cleft52100d ago

I love my Vita, but lets get real here. The Vita has never been the first choice for handheld gaming. It could have been if Sony had actually heavily pushed it in more places than just Japan. But no, Sony pretty much gave the Vita the opposite treatment on the PS4. Which is a shame, because I love my Vita. I love my Vita more than my 3ds. But the New 3ds has a constant stream of games. If the Switch follows suit then it will take the place of the New 3DS in time. I love the Switch and I like the games I am playing on it now.

XisThatKid2100d ago

I'm using mine right now.

bouzebbal2100d ago

First choice ?? That's far too stretched don't you think ???
Vita is the X1 of handhelds. Proof that superior 3rd party and no exclusives don't sell.

RosweeSon2100d ago

Nope it could have been had Sony got some more big name games to the system where was a Tony Hawks?.. ok maybe not these days but an older remaster of 1-4? 🙌🏻 Metal gear swerved vita except for a collection of 1/2 same with God of war, gravity rush sequel jumped ship same as tearaway? Well they re-released that for PS4 but they should have just done a sequel for Vita and made a HD collection for PS4 of both. There was no burnout on Vita GTA swerved it had Sony delivered the Big games a bit more instead of more or less dropping it to a 2nd screen then it could have been very different it's quite clear the console is more than capable just never got truly utilised some of the indie games are fantastic don't get me wrong but it's the god of wars or Gran turismos (another Vita MIA?) that push the systems

nodim2100d ago

New 3ds has a constant stream of games and vita doesn't? Literally what?

Scatpants2099d ago

I feel like the 3DS puts out 96% shovelware where the vita puts out 63% shovelware.

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Shiken2100d ago

The Vita is better than people think, nothing that it should have been, and a failure overall. I enjoyed my Vita, but saying it is the go to for handheld gamers is nothing short of a joke.

gamer78042100d ago (Edited 2100d ago )

depends on what games you like honestly, if you are a Japanese game fan, there are a ton of good games on vita. now if you want Nintendo games, obviously you want a switch, or currently a wiiu which has more games. than the switch atleast as of now.

3ds is an option, but the graphics are sooo dated now its hard to go back to gamecube days.

Scatpants2099d ago

I played my Vita far more than my 3DS when I was using both. I've since moved on to the Switch for my handheld gaming, but Danganronpa 3 is making me consider taking it out of retirement. Really wish they would release a Switch version of that.

MizHDTV2100d ago

If there was a game I wanted to play on it I might
I haven't bought a game in like 2 years

kneon2100d ago

I don't use mine much, but I never expected to. I'm not going to carry around an extra device every day just for gaming. I bought it mainly for when I travel and have 10+ hours to kill on a plane. I rarely sleep while flying , not even in business class, so I have a lot of spare time once I've watched the 2 or 3 movies worth watching.

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blackblades2099d ago

I use mine every now and then, been months though lately. I still got games to play like tales of hearts and others.

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SickSinceSix2100d ago

I thought the 3DS had that honor, judging by sales.

Sopota2100d ago (Edited 2100d ago )

You are right. Also, I don't know how the Vita can be a choice if you can't event buy one.

Edit for clarification:
In Spain major retailers do not get new stock from more than a year, it's not hard to buy remaining stock online, but in traditional shops is nowhere to be seen anymore.

gamer78042100d ago

you can make a new tab in your browser and buy one without getting up from your chair :)

RosweeSon2100d ago

Sales Smales sure they are smashing it in sales but that's not everything... however I'd have to agree with the majority/sales 3ds number 1 for me vita was/is great but likely my 3rd choice now switch is here PS4/Wii U for home console currently Wii u will be retired by end of the year tho 🤞🏻 Then Switch can double up as my 2nd choice home console as well, sold my Xbox one S after 4 months but think I'm good if all else fails I'll get my Star Wars 360 out and use that as 3rd choice home console... think I'll swerve Xbox for remainder of this gen. done all the exclusives ✌🏻🤓

KuroKiko2100d ago

The 3ds is my Pokemon and MH unit, not much honestly. Lots of kiddie games though, Im not saying its bad but its true.

Scatpants2099d ago

Sales just show popularity not quality. Something can be a pile of shit and you can still convince sheep to buy it.

admiralvic2099d ago

True, but I'd argue being the first choice for handheld gamers is a statement of popularity, not quality, thus popularity matters, though even then it's debatable.

There is no denying the Vita has good games, but it isn't like the 3DS outsold it without popular titles. I mean, out of the two of them I personally prefer the Vita, though it's a hard sell that all those classic games (LoZ: OoT, Majora's Mask, Earthbound, etc), strong third parties (Monster Hunter, SMT, FFT) and amazing exclusives (Pokemon, Animal Crossing, Mario) don't bring a lot to the 3DS.

WeAreLegion2099d ago

Not for me. The Vita has a much better library, IMO.

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godashram2100d ago

Unfortunately, the new game selection on the vita gets smaller and smaller, and I love my vita.

Sony's real lack of 1st party game releases doesn't help either. While there are some GREAT games on the system, finding physical copies gets harder and harder, and memory cards for digital only releases aren't cheap either.

gamer78042100d ago

world of final fantasy is a really good game, perfect for a handheld.

crazychris41242100d ago

I don't even think its the 1st choice for Sony

2cents2099d ago


Love my PSP and Vita. Never play them though.

dparente742100d ago

vita has a massive library. switches library is mostly trash fam.

V0LT2100d ago

Gee... That didn't seem to matter did it? Its dead.

dparente742100d ago

yea but if you bought one today the access to great games and enjoyment is exponentially better than the switch at this point in time. i have both and i still pick up the vita way more. i love zelda and mk8 with the kids nothin else really gets me goin yet.

Sgt_Slaughter2100d ago

Gee a system out in 2011 has more games than a system released in 2017? Stop the dang presses we have breaking news.

Vegamyster2100d ago (Edited 2100d ago )


Well ones been out for 5 years while the other has been out for 7 months, obviously one is going to offer a bigger library but that's like saying people prefer the PS3 over the PS4 right now due to overall library size rather than what's coming in the future.

Cyro2100d ago (Edited 2100d ago )

I can't follow that logic lmao. Switch isn't even a year old and you're comparing it's library of games to something that has been out for years. Might as well stay one gen behind because everything new is trash since it has a small amount of games.

gamer78042100d ago

if you are buying a system now and want lots of games for a lower price, the ps vita is the better choice. I'd honestly wait on the switch until there are better deals and more games and prices of games have dropped.

The 10th Rider2100d ago

Switch is literally just a day over 6 months old. A little over half a year, LOL. If library size was all that mattered PC would be the unequivocal best place to game.

Prince_TFK2100d ago (Edited 2100d ago )

The Switch is just released for half a year. Give it time. Its not like it doesn't have any game either. Zelda, Mario Kart, Arms, Splatoon, Mario+Rabbids, and this month Pokken. I say that is pretty good for half a year.

What did the PS4 and Xbox One have during their half year on sale? Knack? Ryse?

masterfox2100d ago

very true, still brainless fanboys will burn you for that fact lol.

Prince_TFK2100d ago

How long has the Vita been on the market compared to the Switch?

dparente742100d ago

its not a fanboy thing. i own every major consoles since ps1 and have a gaming pc and had most of the handhelds.i just at this time enjoy my vita more than i do my switch in 2 years i hope that the switch is a great handheld hardware wise. I just would like some non games that have a more mature theme than everything being cartoony and all ages. im def gonna get skyrim on it tho.

Matology2100d ago

The Vita has been out how long? Against the Switch - take off your "fan glasses". The Switch is doing well considering the small amount of time it has been on the market.

Games are coming and trash fam? (What the hell does that mean?)

zb1ftw7772100d ago

The biggest library is the android app store.....

*Drops mic and points at you*

KuroKiko2100d ago

Fan boys have been praying for Vita to bite the dust, then ironically Wii U died first lol.

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