Randy Pitchford Doesn’t Want You Editing Your Borderlands 2 Files

Have you heard about the easy exploits for Borderlands 2? Might be a good idea not to take advantage of them. If Mr. Pitchford's tweets are any notice, punishments are a-comin'.

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HammadTheBeast4265d ago

You'd ruin the game for yourself.

Carl_Shocker4265d ago

Well I wouldn't say the exploit were you can get all the pre order items is a bad thing...

Fair enough if they bundled them into the CE but they didn't even do that. If I can figure out how to do it myself I'm going to do it...pre order stuff is silly.

rdgneoz34265d ago

It wasn't about the pre-order bonuses. It was about the free golden keys. The pre-order bonuses aren't going to kill anyone, but infinite golden keys is a different thing.

"What corrective action can we anticipate for the golden keys exploit?"

DeleteThisxx4265d ago

Thanks for telling other people how their enjoyment is scaled.

vortis4265d ago

What kind of moron wouldn't mess with the INI files?

Anyone worth their salt using the PC version has had to mess with the INI to activate things like PhysX for AMD cards or custom resolutions or tuning memory allocation for certain assets.

I love how the article makes it like something in your possession is now an evil you shouldn't be messing with. I say unlock the keys for yourself, keep the loot and just avoid going online with it.

Common sense says if you didn't want people to access it without paying for it then it shouldn't be there. Just like with SFxT and the on-disc DLC.

For everyone saying "Herp derp, but you only paid for the license"....

Welcome to the wonderful world of modding games on PC, it's only been happening for the past 40 years.

TronEOL4265d ago (Edited 4265d ago )

It's a slightly different situation with this since the guns are there so those playing with people WITH the special weapons could actually see them.

For all you know the pre-order DLC was loaded AFTER the full game was pre-loaded to your PC. No matter how you aquire Borderlands 2, that content will be on your game files since you need it there to see the assets in game.

If they didn't give them to you, there'd be a placeholder, which would render Golden guns useless.

People need to stop being so damn jaded, and acting like every corporation is out to get you.

Other than that, I don't see anything wrong with what you said and agree that editing INI files in general shouldn't be a punishable thing.

vortis4265d ago

"For all you know the pre-order DLC was loaded AFTER the full game was pre-loaded to your PC. No matter how you aquire Borderlands 2, that content will be on your game files since you need it there to see the assets in game."

See it doesn't matter. This whole pre-order BS thing will have situations like this happening one after another after another. Why? Because as I mentioned, PC gamers usually fumble with files for one reason or another all the time.

It's funny because this EXACT same situation happened before with Risen 2 and the DLC, which was also accessible via console commands. I couldn't believe there were idiots saying "Well, they shouldn't have been messing with the console commands." REALLY? REALLY?!

I understand your point and I don't believe Gearbox is out to get anybody. I just think that there shouldn't be punishment handed out to people who are simply doing what PC gamers do. It's just part of the PC gaming culture, it's how Skyrim got fixed. It's how Dark Souls got fixed on day one and the 60fps got unlocked. It's how Fallout got fixed and Resident Evil 4 and all those other games.

I suppose, though, we'll have to see how Gearbox handles the situation before getting too riled. I'm just kind of speaking on behalf of the PC modding community who open up and access every single aspect of a game for better or for worse.

We really shouldn't forget that without the modding community we wouldn't even have stuff like Natural Selection, Half-Life, Counter Strike or DOTA.

Kushan4264d ago

THere's 3 Pre-order DLC's. 1 is the golden guns that EVERYONE who preordered got. They're decentish little guns at the beginning of the game, but you'll soon find replacements for them. They're also not worth very much, so there's absolutely no competitive advantage to having them.

The second is some skin customisations, nothing special, nothing anyone will miss or be bothered about.

The 3rd is the "natural selection annex" and it's the Gamestop DLC. I haven't tested it myself, but I believe it's just the BL2 equivelant to "Mad Moxxi", the most disliked of BL1's DLC.

In other words, the only thing people are missing out on here of any notable worth is the golden guns, most people who own the game now already have (had?) them and they're not even great guns. SO non-issue all around.

Aghashie4265d ago (Edited 4265d ago )


I don't fully agree with you, but I know you are right. Sad isn't it...

zslash4265d ago

Who cares, it's not like the exploit affects other players.

LinLeigh4265d ago

What isn't Borderlands 2 non competitive multiplayer? If so what gives them the right to decide you are not allowed to mess with it.

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