Gearbox says Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands ‘clearly a new franchise after shattering targets’

“Future experiences [are] already under development at Gearbox," says Randy Pitchford

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melons635d ago

I'm actually surprised by this, I feel like it came and went very quickly without too much interest

but good to see!

dumahim634d ago

Well, it was relatively short and no True Vault Hunter mode to replay the campaign. The DLC was horribly short, lame and overpriced, which didn't help.

Sgt_Slaughter634d ago

Probably had a significantly smaller budget, so it was able to smash lower targets while not being immensely popular.

I wonder how Borderlands 3 did overall as well. I've seen that game for under $15 multiple times (and in multiple clearance racks for $5).

franwex635d ago

I too am surprised at how well this sold.

gold_drake635d ago

im surprised, bit damn was it a good game.

porkChop635d ago

A sequel will need a lot of work. They didn't lean nearly enough into the fantasy elements, which left the combat feeling like Borderlands rather than a new franchise. The end game is trash, there's no new game plus, no proper DLC/expansions, etc. The drop rates for loot were god awful.

It had a lot of great ideas but in terms of gameplay it felt way too safe, like Gearbox was too scared to stray too far from Borderlands.

Profchaos634d ago

I legit thought it was intended to be dlc at first for b3 which kind of explains why it didn't

dumahim634d ago

Yeah, fuck those drop rates. Trying to farm for something specific was futile. Especially for the armor. Need to match 2 classes instead of 1, and then there's the whole Ascended, Primordial, etc thing that made it even harder. Add another class into it later lowered the chances even further. They really needed to tailor drops so you had a better chance of getting your own classes drops.

This is why I stopped playing. I'd spend an hour or two every day farming, filling my inventory, loading up loot bunnies with crystals, and consistently get nothing to show for it after a month of trying to get an upgrade for one piece of gear.

634d ago
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Microsoft shakes up Xbox marketing as key exec departs for Roblox

Jerret West is leaving Xbox at the end of the month.

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Won’t be missed. Xbox sucks at marketing in this industry. This is badly needed.

jznrpg4h ago

I see Xbox stuff everywhere. On cereal boxes, toasters and fridges.. Xbox just sucks.

Scissorman4h ago

This. Marketing isn't the issue. He's just fleeing the sinking ship.

3h ago
DivineHand1252h ago(Edited 2h ago)

Unfortunately, Xbox has not done great with marketing this generation. One thing I found odd is that he is leaving Xbox for Roblox. I'm not sure how big Roblox is in comparison to Xbox but I can't imagine him getting better compensation from there. Perhaps he was forced out?

fr0sty2h ago

It's simple, Roblox is profitable.

DivineHand1252h ago

@fr0sty Would you leave your place of employment to work somewhere else for less pay just because that business is profitable?

You would have to be a special person to be ok with that.

zaanan1h ago

That, or he is pulling an Elop.

Tedakin12m ago

Xbox marketing has mostly been trash for a decade. Shake it up as much as you can.


Major Nelson is joining Unity

The Verge writes: "Larry Hryb, aka “Major Nelson,” has his next job. Following his departure from Microsoft last year, where he was a public face for the Xbox brand, Hryb will be joining Unity’s Community team, he announced on Monday."

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exputers9h ago

I hope they utilize him to the full.

Inverno8h ago

They put in one idiot that almost ruined them and now they add another idiot. Unity looking to eradicate themselves out of the industry.

RhinoGamer887h ago

Larry is a gaming guy, XBOX, Unity makes a causal game engine...what does he promote?

darthv726h ago

Wonder if he will just be flipping switches for them?