Check Your PSN Inbox for a Free Week of Plus

"In the last couple of months, Playstation Plus has changed a lot. " - JPS

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Godmars2902271d ago

There are laws about offering free drug samples...

Saturne32271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

Its an excellent idea! give costumers a taste of the product >:D

MostJadedGamer2271d ago

I am on a 30 day free trial right now, and I will NOT be renewing. I don't see any point in paying for this service.

darthv722271d ago

i would not take advantage of it. I am afraid i would get to addicted and have to sell my kidney to continue my habit.

I already sold one to support xblive.

Christopher2271d ago

MostJadedGamer is allowed his opinion.

As someone who has had the subscription since day one, I can definitely say that it's not for everyone. It can be hit and miss on the games you get each month as well as the deals. If you don't care about themes or avatars, those don't matter. If you already own many of the games you get for free a year or two after their release, you may not see it as a benefit.

PS+ isn't for everyone. But, it is great for those like me who tend to play a wide variety of games and like to save money and get new 'rentals' each month.

SaiyanFury2271d ago

A friend who works at Sony threw a code my way for a free month. I'm not going to say I don't see the point in paying for Plus, I do see it. There's a metric tonne of free giveaways and massive discounts to be had with a subscription. The thing is, I already have a lot of games that I've already paid to play, let along all of the free ones that Sony gives you with a Plus subscription. If I had more time (married with a baby daughter) I'm sure I could make use of it. Maybe when my daughter gets a little older and I have some more free time in my schedule. :)

zeeshan2270d ago

I bought Heavy Rain 2 months ago. I ordered the GOTY edition from Amazon so it came with a 30 day free trial of PSN PLUS.

I never planned to purchase PSN Plus but when my trial ended, I found myself craving for the damn service! My god! It's fantastic unless of course you are one of those gamers who play almost every game.

I love PSN Plus and enjoying every minute of it and this is coming from a guy who never saw the whole point of it.

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LOGICWINS2271d ago

"Additionally, a credit card must be on your account to redeem it or it will reject you."

And what of people who don't want to put their credit card info out there?

Godmars2902271d ago

Crap. I actually have to agree with you on this one...

And who's not going to sign on for a week then forget about it when the credit card statement rolls in up to a month later?

admiralvic2271d ago

you use a credit card giftcard. Most places sell like a Visa card, which can be used on the PSN as a credit card and works like one too. Very round about way of doing it, but if you're going a longer period of plus or really want to save a few bucks on a game, then it's a suitable solution.

MostJadedGamer2271d ago

Turn automatic funding off. Of delete your credit card info afterwards

SonyStyled2271d ago

add your credit card to redeem it, then delete the card from your account. thats what i did when i got a free months trial

Campy da Camper2271d ago

Unlike LIVE., you can easily remove your credit card info
Also, you can set your system to not auto renew. Out of all the console differences, this to me is the biggest. Xbox made me physically call their call center to have it removed. What a pain

Soldierone2271d ago

To above, even if you remove it, it will stay in their database for some time afterwards.

Also the gift card thing works, just be sure to have at least a dollar on it, and go online to activate it. Sometimes they don't work because companies got smart and started learning what a gift card number is.

WillGuitarGuy2271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

You need a credit card on your account regardless to activate most PS+ codes. I had the same thing pop up when I input some PS+ codes that I got at PAX.

If you don't want a free month of PS+ then don't bother. Simple as that.

LOGICWINS2271d ago

"add your credit card to redeem it, then delete the card from your account. thats what i did when i got a free months trial"

Thanks. I'll give it a shot!

slaton242270d ago

u do no they have ps+ cards like they have crapbox360 cards right

Bleucrunch2270d ago

One of the best features of plus is the cloud storage...OMG the idea that my saved game files are safe in the event of a console crash is sooo reassuring..all of the discounts and free games is beyond good....I do not mind paying for plus its certainly a better bargain than LIVE!

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RmanX10002271d ago

"Free week of plus?! Alright!"
*owns a Vita*
" .... "
*sob sob sob*

ZoyosJD2271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

Save it for November? Edit: missed the by October 11th, but still...

just get a PS3? If you haven't your already missing too much.

RmanX10002271d ago

Not the point. I cant just go BUY one. Dont exactly have the money at the moment.

Kran2271d ago

easier said than done. Not sure someone will buy an entire console for 1 week of PS Plus...

ZoyosJD2271d ago


6 years and you don't have a PS3, yet...

withing 8 months you have a VITA, and still can't "just go BUY" a PS3.

I'm not saying buy a plane ticket for the peanuts. I'm saying why haven't you already taken the trip.

RmanX10002271d ago

Wasnt interested in anything really. Any game on the PS3 that i REALLY wanted was also on Xbox 360. Had no need to go get one right away. I only got a Vita for Persona 4 Golden.

rpd1232271d ago

Eh, I don't have a PS3. I'd love one (was hoping for the super slim to have a price cut) but I don't have the money. I have a 360 and while there are a lot of PS3 exclusives I'd love to play, I don't want to play them that much. I did get a Vita because it was time for a new handheld (the DS and PSP weren't cutting it) and because of Assassins Creed 3 Liberation and Uncharted.

mushroomwig2271d ago

Pretty decent business idea, get people into the service by giving them free access for a week and then gently pushing them to resubscribe in order to keep the games they've downloaded.

Ryo-Hazuki2271d ago (Edited 2271d ago )

I have PS Plus and they still sent me a free trial lol But it wasn't a free week but it was free 30 days

SoundGamer2271d ago

Same here. I have had PS+ since the day it launched and they sent me a voucher early this morning.

xGet_In_There2271d ago

I was hoping to get a free trial. I had Plus for a while but never renewed it. Sure enough all it was was a message asking me to come back lol.

jukins2271d ago

yea i got this too free 30 days.

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