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As a Ninja game, Mark of the Ninja feels very classic in its approach as it doesn’t present itself way over the top, mixing the right balance between assassination and infiltration. Thinking about your approach to the enemies and planning your exit from each 2D environment using your Ninja tools in a variety of different ways allows you to make the game your own. You earn points from kills, hiding behind objects without being seen and all your hard earned efforts will allow you to buy upgrades. The game features a mix of stun bombs, firecrackers, arrows and many more distraction items as well as new Ninja techniques that can be obtained later in the game.

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camel_toad2223d ago

Excellent game. This and the Walking Dead are easily the best downloadable games this year to me.

whoyouwit042223d ago

yea I agree but I would add Dust: An Elysian Tail, and deadlight to the list, but thats just my opinion.

camel_toad2222d ago

Yep both of those are on my to-do list.