Top 10 Most Underrated Stealth Video Games

FunkyVideoGames takes a look at the top 10 most underrated stealth video games of all time!

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miyamoto2739d ago

Tenchu: SA on PSOne comes to mind.
MGS is great but Tenchu is ops it in my book.

Odoylerules0002738d ago

Tenchu! NICE! Wow, I haven't seen anyone mention Tenchu in such a long time. Really, they're my favorite stealth games from back in the day. Ayame or Rikimaru?

miyamoto2738d ago (Edited 2738d ago )

That's a toughie

but seriously

It's either between Proto-Rikimaru

or Manji Cult

Nothing beats the original that won Shuhei Yoshida's heart.

Odoylerules0002738d ago

@miyamoto Okay, my mind is officially blown. First, at how gutter the first Tenchu test footage is(that jump sound effect..), and second...Wow! I had no idea that was motion capture. I immediately knew what I was looking at when he started moving, though. Incredible. Thanks a lot for showing me those, I had no idea those videos existed.

Fist4achin2738d ago

What about the one that was so stealthy, no one played it at all because nobody knew it was there?!

I'm actually having some fun with Shadows of Mordor and sneaking around the orcs and uruks


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ToddlerBrain530d ago

Hitman is, and has been, a remarkable series developed by some of the best. Some are better than others, but every Hitman is challenging and fun.

Sure, there have been some stumbles and fumbles, but always in pursuit of the perfect Hitman game. The most recent trilogy is a masterclass in level design.