Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Preview | JTM Games

"Square-Enix is hard at work developing Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn - previously titled 2.0 – and thankfully the entire game has been rebuilt from the ground up featuring a whole new world to explore, new storylines to experience, a brand new graphics engine, and new quests to complete. This is the revamped, re-imagined Final Fantasy XIV title that fans have been asking for when the PC version released quite a while ago." - JTM Games

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Crystallis2222d ago

I hope they show PS3 footage at TGS this week.

Lovable2222d ago

Is this subscription based or free to play but you can buy items for real money?

jtmgames2222d ago

For now it is subscription-based. However, it may change to free-to-play given that other popular MMORPG's have gone that route (LOTR Online, DC Universe Online, etc...)