A few more Wii U tidbits from a Gamestop employee

Updates on GameStop's Wii U pre-order situation, demo units, and more.

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flavorbabies2312d ago

Phew. Glad I got my pre-order in last Thursday, the day they announced the price, etc. 80% is kinda nuts. I'm guessing the remaining 20% are for classic bundles.

--Onilink--2312d ago

i was waiting for amazon to start the pre-orders but when it started taking so long i decided to do it with toy r' us. Thankfully they still had the Deluxe available.

As for Amazon, it seems like they will definitely not sell the WiiU, because they even removed the Amazon logo on the WiiU official site.

iamnsuperman2312d ago (Edited 2312d ago )

That is a really weird thing to do. I wonder why Amazon isn't

OT: Interesting (if true of course because we all know how these rumours start) the number is.

DestinyHeroDoomlord2312d ago

I really dont know which console to get now... Wii U is sounding awesome.

NeoTribe2311d ago

Considering wii u is the only console coming out, shouldn't be hard to decide.

tehpees32312d ago (Edited 2312d ago )

And yet people were dooming this thing 5 minutes after announcement. It seems Iwata was right. The online reaction was the same as Wii but it didn't mean a thing.

I wonder how its doing in Europe. I got my preorder for the Zombi bundle at HMV. Something was telling me this was going to be popular. I actually preordered prior to the official announcements the second HMV started taking preorders and then changed it to the bundle I wanted.

Don't know why people keep dooming everything though. 3DS, Vita, Wii U???? Why they all doomed? Not only is it very unlikely any will fail its nothing but bad news if they do fail. After going third party Sega's game quality dive bombed and now they resort to making download games.

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