Nintendo Power Reviews SSBB: Best Nintendo Game Yet?

A forum member by the name of Ezz has posted excerpts from the review over on the Nintendo NSider2 Forums:

"I'm ecstatic to report... that Brawl isn't just amazing, and it isn't just one of the best titles on Wii, but it's one of the very best games that Nintendo has ever produced."

The single biggest new addition to Brawl is The Subspace Emissary, a vastly expanded adventure mode that by itself is well worth the price of admission. Just imagine if you'd never heard of the Smash series, but someone told you that nintendo made a side-scrolling action/adventure game starring all of its top characters-you'd flip out, right? And to think, Brawl throws it in as a bonus! I can't stress enough that this mode isn't some fluffed-out afterthought- it's packed with loads of enemies and stage types, offers incredible boss battles, supports two-player co-op, and has lots of classic Nintendo references for long-time fans to geek out over. The cinema scenes are gorgeous and contain a long list of cool and funny moments, and I'm pretty sure that Brawl has more cinemas than all other Nintendo games ever made combined. The Subspace Emissary takes longer than many top stand-alone action games to finish, and even more play value can be found in clearing each stage on harder difficulties."

It's a testmament to the talent of the developers that I even enjoy playing as Diddy Kong- I've always hated that guy."

The game's control feels smoother than Melee's; you're less likely to accidentally jerk a quick character off a ledge. And, being the type of Melee player that never totally clicked with pressing up on the analog stick to jump, the game plays much better for me now that Brawl has the option to make jumps button-only"

Maybe, if I set my mind to it, I could scrounge up some negative things to say about the game, some details that could've used a tiny bit more polish. But against the grand scope of how much Brawl does amazingly well, any other possible concerns would be trivial at best. To deny this game a 10 purely for the sake of shying away from the top of our review scale would be a shameful disservice to one of the greatest gaming achievements in years. Rarely has any title delivered so much amazing action, such a wide variety of modes, and so many hours of value. It doesn't get any better than this"

- Chris Slate

Final Score: 10/10

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bigjclassic4322d ago

but watch as other websites/mags try to downplay this game as much as possible. But as far as Wifi Connection on Wii..this and DBZ BT3 makes me a very HAPPY camper.

trikster404322d ago

I think I am one of the few people in America that just doesn't like Smash Brothers. Never have, never will. Maybe if I lived with 3 other guys that would play multiplayer all the time? It just doesn't do it for me. I stopped geeking out over mascots after games moved to 3D. Good review for Nintendo fans though. The adventure mode intrigues me, but I always thought the controls in SSB were a little sloppy.

Wii60PS3DSPSP4322d ago

I'd take your opinion more seriously if it wasn't for this comment you made. "By the way, what are you playing on your beloved Wii right now? Because I am playing Rock Band, Call of Duty 4, Uncharted, Burnout Paradise, Warhawk, and getting ready for some Grand Theft Auto IV. What, still playing Mario or does your Wii have as much as dust on it as mine?"

OC Shock Value4322d ago

Nintendo has done it again..

1st Zelda TP
2nd Metroid Prime 3
3rd Mario Galaxy
NOW Smash Bros Brawl

Wii.. the land of the great videogame

KingKirchner4322d ago

I agree definitly that the Wii has those great games (I'd put in Fire Emblem too. I love that seris), but the problem I have with my Wii is that inbetween the HUGE releases there isn't much at all to play.

And it also seems they used a lot of their big guns last year to the point that Brawl is currently the only Wii game I'm buying this year (unless Tales of Symphonia 2 comes this year)

Brainiac 84322d ago

Resident Evil 4
Super Mario Galaxy
Super Smash Bros Brawl

That's it. That is awesome, I can't wait!

KingKirchner4322d ago

actually, Super Mario Galaxy didn't get a 10 from NP. It got a 9.5

But yuour statement is still true I think because I know Metroid Prime 3 got a 10/10 from NP. And I actually agree with them. I enjoyed MP3 a LOT more than Galaxy. Galaxy was great, I just didn't see how it deserved all those scores over 9.5. Just one guy's opinion though.

Marceles4322d ago

Seriously when this game comes out, I'm disappearing for a month.

Brainiac 84322d ago

You are correct, I meant to say Metroid Prime 3. SMG didn't get a 10, but MP3 did.

But still, Nintendo is very very stingy with their 10 scores, so this bodes really well for SSBB.

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The story is too old to be commented.