PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Preview [Exophase] writes, "What does take some time – and this is the brilliance of PSASBR, something I think designer Seth Killian (former from Capcom, started as a pro Street Fighter player and then worked on the game) is responsible for – is finding which character works best for your play style considering both their standard and special attacks, as well as your opponents."

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MDC312315d ago

this game looks really uninteresting

smashcrashbash2314d ago

See that is your problem right there.It LOOKS uninteresting. You have to actually play it first.

MightyPatapon2314d ago

Odds are, this game will turn out a lot better and than any Super Smash Bros. but no one will ever admit it because some of us are still driven by the illusions that Nintendo is God or something.