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It’s been a hard week for you. As if swallowing a bee in your sleep wasn’t bad enough, the invasive insect seemed to grant you the gift and curse of supernatural power. You won’t be getting the security deposit back on your apartment, but after much trial and error, you seemed to get it under control. Just as you began to feel in control, a knock at your door heralds a messenger, intent on ruining your day by informing you that you’re now part of a hidden, secret world that exists in the shadows of the everyday world. As an employment bonus, you’re given an all expense paid trip to a small town nestled along the New England coast, where an otherworldly mist has turned the residents to zombies and drawn all manner of vicious beast to the cozy hamlet. By this point, you and your character are undoubtedly sharing the same thought: what have I gotten myself into?

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