5 uses of Sixaxis that don't suck

PS3 Attitude: "Ah, Sixaxis. Remember that? Sony pushed this motion-sensing technology in a big way before the launch of the PS3, but then Lair came out and everyone decided it was the worst thing in the world. That said, there are some good uses of the Sixaxis out there, so let’s take some time to remember them; to be honest we initially struggled to get to five, but we got there in the end!"

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fr0sty2227d ago

This list failed to me when it didn't list Warhawk. I won't play it without sixaxis control, and it's also why I didn't buy Starhawk, they took it out. It just doesn't feel the same to me.

Ultr2227d ago

Cant open it, does it include Killzone 2? cuz the Sniping was an absolute blast to do with the sixaxis and also to turn the valves and such, very very great

Roper3162227d ago

the best implementation of the Sixaxis that I have played was Folklore

poolsharky272227d ago


More Folklore love~

Knushwood Butt2226d ago

Yep, it was very good, original, and central to the gameplay.

MrR0ck5taR2227d ago

High Velocity Bowling was another great use of the sixaxis.

toxic-inferno2227d ago

Nice to see Super Rub a Dub on this list! Not that I own that game... of course... honestly...

Knushwood Butt2226d ago

Yeah, agree, and, er, me neither..

yokokoroma2227d ago

@Roper316 I agree, while the other games on this list used the Sixaxis, Folklore implemented it in a way that was pure genius. I'd say that Folklore would be number 1, (if this was an ordered list) followed by Flower.

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The story is too old to be commented.