Mark of the Ninja Review - XBLA Fans

Ninjas have a long and proud tradition in fiction in general and video games specifically. Since Ninja Gaiden, the stealthy Japanese warriors are behind perhaps only Nazis and zombies in gaming ubiquity. Continuing that proud decision is new release Mark of the Ninja, a stealth platformer which sets you in the shoes of a ninja attempting to save his clan from extinction. Along the way, you’ll sneak, stab and hide your way through a solid adventure.

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rbailey2229d ago

Hands down.... The best Xbox Live Game this year imo

JellyJelly2228d ago

I'd have to say Trials Evolution, but it isn't far behind at all. I'm amazed it isn't getting 10's across the board, since that's what it deserves.

bubblebeam2228d ago

I saw it on the dashboard, but not enough info or screens. Gonna look it up now.

My favourite XBLA game is Alan Wake's american nightmare. I thought Limbo, while a good game, was grossly overrated IMO.