EA dev: PSN has 'all the capabilities'

Army of Two assistant producer, Matt Turner has told CVG that he fully supports PSN, but admitted experiencing "growing pains" with the relatively young system.

With its friends list access, universal game invites system and general intuitiveness, Xbox Live is rightly regarded as the superior service. Turner says, however, that PSN "has all the capabilities".

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likeaboss3024321d ago

The only problem I have with PSN is the download speeds. It takes forever and a day to download a demo while I get it in 1/8th of the time on Xbox Live. Hopefully the download speed will improve over time.

Skerj4321d ago

Wow, I never have a problem downloading anything unless it's Thursday night. Then it takes like 10 mins for 60mb like it did for Pixel Junk Monsters, because everyone is downloading crap. Also the JP and EU stores are pretty damned fast.

DarkSniper4321d ago

This may be a little off topic, but does anyone know a method of purchasing games from the EU or Japan Playstation store? Dark Sniper wants to purchase Fade To Black which is readily available on the European servers. But he lives in the USA.

Back on subject, Playstation Network has the essential tools in place to surpass it's competitor if utilized correctly. Dark Sniper is pretty sure that Home will give PSN a much needed boost.


sonarus4321d ago

i wouldnt go as far as saying 8 times as fast but on a bad day probably 3-4 times as fast on a good day 1.5 times as fast. But thats me and my internet connection. The bottomline though is xbox live is always faster. psn being a free service there is probably a limited amount they will be spending on their servers when they start to receive more income from home and such and such they should receive a much needed boost in their spending budget so hopefully they put it to good use and results in all time improvements in everything psn.

Skerj4321d ago

AFAIK you need either a credit card with an address in one of the territories of the Playstation store you wish to purchase from, or a PSN card from aforementioned territory. I know PlayAsia sells the cards for the JP store, hadn't done much research on the EU store though.

Keowrath4321d ago

Sniper, for the games in the JPN region as Skerj says you can get them via the PSN cards.

I bought one recently from a Japanese guy on Ebay, you make your payment and he sends you the code via email pretty much instantly (or did in my case) That way you don't have to wait for the delivery and you're good to go straight away. I bought the last 2 DLC's for Sigma this way with ZERO hastle. I can get you his name if you're interested.

In UK you will need to have a credit card from this region (although I know a friend who manages to get US content with his UK MASTERCARD but I'm unsure if it works the other way round) PSN cards aren't available here yet so there isn't that option.


sony keeping the psn free through advertising on home , smart idea ...i forgot were talking about sony here

The Wood4321d ago

is about a meg a second. I even recorded it on my vid cam but that footage takes up a meg per second, strange. Im in the uk so maybe that has something to do with it but my friend on a different and more well know isp uses a wired connection but cant seem to get any youtube clips to play instantly like I can using a wireless connection. Sometimes its just a configuration issue

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Skerj4321d ago

Why is EA coming out of the woodwork lately with PS3 praises? Their next few games better reflect on their newly found affections.

Nykamari4321d ago

I agree with you , EA is really kissing a$$ not! Too bad though, their games are getting pretty BORING to me. Peace (Kaos)Nykamari

TheTwelve4321d ago

Exactly. EA is suddenly speaking so highly of the PS3. You know why? The PS3 outsold the Xbox360 in 2007. That's exactly why. These companies will jump ship with no qualms when it comes to the bottom line.


mighty_douche4321d ago

EA goes where the customers do, right now, thats the PS3.

DarkSniper4321d ago

TheTwelve, speaking from a business standpoint, you're absolutely correct. It's almost as if EA needed to re-evaluate their business structure as it's blatantly obvious that it was shifted towards XBOX 360. EA was shocked just like many to find out PLAYSTATION® 3 saw superior sales this past year.

But even still, Dark Sniper believes that games such as Madden 09 will unfortunately still continue to run at 30fps. Mainly due to Peter Moore's stranglehold over the sports division which is no coincidence that he owns.


Salvadore4321d ago

They are prasing the PS3, but at the sametime, they are developing crappy ports for the console.

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the mart im gay4321d ago

Xbox live is better even though it costs you an arma and a leg. But of course being the fanboy i am i cant see that psn is better because its free.

King20084321d ago

Sure does know when to jump "in" the bandwagon....

theBishop4321d ago

Its crazy to think that PS3 actually outsold Xbox360 in 2007. And that was with a general consensus that 360 had the better library. 2008 is going to be fun to watch, even though I own both consoles.

As for PSN, a committed developer can use the existing tools to create an experience equivalent to Xbox Live on PS3, but from what I hear the friend's list is costly to memory. The TimeShift demo lets you bring up your XMB Friend's list from the pause menu. This is OK, but Sony really needs to get the friend's list (or in-game xmb) in the firmware so it works on every game.

Friend's list access should not be should be left up to developer support.

sephy 9 2 54321d ago


If Sony's numbers are official and MS hasn't denied Gamespot's claims, then it is true. =\

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