Capcom responds to 20 min DMC install

Capcom US has responded to CVG's report yesterday that PS3 Devil May Cry 4 forces gamers to sit through a mandatory 21 minute install time - with little improvement to load times there after.

Just to be sure, we timed the 5GB install process (which you can't opt-out of) on our PS3 retail version and it clocked in at 21 minutes, 41 seconds.

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skagrerrrr5974d ago

why will it cost 10 pounds more on the ps3?

marinelife95973d ago

I'm picking it up today and I'll see for myself. Although I don't have a 360 to compare the loading times to.

Chippathingy5973d ago

Does anyone have the answer to that? Let me take a wild guess here....it's because Blu-Ray disks are more expensive to manufacture?

But that doesn't account for all the other multiplatform disks costing the same.

Real Gambler5973d ago

Not sure why some country charge more for some games... Here in Canada, I never, ever, saw one game on the PS3 that was more expensive than the 360 version. Very strange.

Maybe buying online would be the solution. If the stores who are charging more do not sell games anymore, they will come back to regular prices...

Brixxer6005973d ago

That's the million dollar question as far as European gamers are concerned, i've no doubt that they'll claim it's to do with "Localisation", it's the usual answer.

athlon7705973d ago (Edited 5973d ago )

Typical, it was explained in an earlier post here on N4G that the developer is not charging more for the game, but it is the retailer that is deciding to do this. Nothing to do with development time, BD disk usage, or solar winds, the retailer is charging more because they want too and can.

Here is the link...


ravenguard885973d ago

They're apparently quite expensive to produce.

I remember hearing a while ago that PS3 games were supposed to be $10 more than 360 games.

fusionboxer5973d ago

these guys changed their story a bit. In the first article they posted that there was no difference after the install and now because a capcom rep came on the table and said their is a difference you see CVG saying there isn't, but there is. "But only by a couple seconds of course".

If they couldn't say that in the beginning why should we all of a sudden listen to them now?

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mighty_douche5974d ago

meh... its 20 minutes... talk about making a mountain out of a mole hill.

Some of us have been waiting years, whats another 20 minutes.

KidMakeshift5974d ago

And apparently it's "exciting" lol

craymoogy5973d ago

20 minutes is much less than 4 years right?

I can't do the math anymore, please someone help me.

Scrooge5973d ago

As a PC gamer, I don't see what is wrong with an install time. It's probably just a minor problem that the competition is blowing out of proportion just to be able to have an advantage. Every game I play has an initial install time, no problem. When I installed World of Warcraft last november it took 2 hours to install, so what?

Wraith0015973d ago

Yea cool Scrooge but how big is ur hdd mate compared to PS3?

If this trend continues because of low Blu-Ray drive speed i will jus ave to get the exclusives for PS3 and the multiplat on 360, coz i aint upgrading a console!

rofldings5973d ago

Wraith001, or you could just delete the install for games you don't play anymore?

Or upgrade your HDD, 2.5" SATA drives are pretty damn cheap.

radzy5973d ago

starting with 40 gig , about 7 gig for the operating system .
so now its about 33 gigs. install dmc4 (25 minute wait) and -5gigs.
now thats 28 gigs left. install oblivion (another 25 minutes wait)and -5gigs again.
now thats 22 gigs left.etc......
until you have installed about 5 games on hard drive and no space on the hard drive left for divx xvid movies , themes , songs , etc...

rofldings5973d ago (Edited 5973d ago )


First of all, not all games require an install and some games have it as optional. Uncharted is a great example of a game that doesn't need an HDD install and yet has no loading screens. Epic.

Second, you can just uninstall the game after you're done playing with it. Seriously why keep 6-7 games (pretty rare to have that many in the first place, unless you intentionally go out and buy games that require an hdd install) AND not all games are 5gb as you say ... Warhawk for example was only 900mb?

Last, you have infinite options to fix it - upgrade your hdd, my PS3 is currently a 250gb (originally 60gb model) - I got the HDD for about 90$ (sale).

FYI, I have 14 games (not including PSN games) and only 3 of them require an install (totaling about 10gb) - and 1 game has an optional install (UT3).

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paracardium5974d ago

It's the only thing people have to whine about to make the ps3 version look bad. I've never seen a ps3 game take that long to install.. Sigma and Oblivion don't even come close to 10 minutes and it's about the same amount to install.

marinelife95973d ago

That's a great point. And the load times in both games were way better than on the xbox and on the xbox 360.

Johnny Blaze5974d ago

I was able to get my hands on it for the 360 and I must say this game is great..Never [played 1,2 or 3 but this one has me hooked

ar5974d ago

Do you feel there's parts in the story you can't grasp because you haven't played the other games?

I haven't played the first three and I'm thinking of getting DMC4.

bruiser815974d ago

I would recommend you buy the first one, it pretty much explains everything. I personally dont even count 2 and 3 just tells about how he and his twin brother rivaled each other and how his brother dies.

KidMakeshift5974d ago


You people need to play the first one at least
You're only missing out