James Vega And Crew Hold The Line In The Latest Mass Effect: Paragon Lost Trailer

“Paragon lost” is the forthcoming Mass effect anime that shows us the story that James Vega tells Commander Shepard of what happened to his previous squad. If you’ve played ME3 then you already know how this thing ends but it should be pretty cool seeing it all play out anyway.

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deathman60012231d ago

This is going to be BADASS!!!

FrightfulActions2231d ago

Bit disappointed with the voice acting on the Krogan. Doesn't sound... Krogan.

I was wondering when they'd bring in an Asari. Every movie has to have a love interest, unfortunately.

Was that supposed to be Anderson? It didn't really look that much like him, but since its an animated interpretation I can overlook those details. What I can't overlook is his voice. It didn't sound like Keith David. Either it wasn't supposed to be him, or he isn't doing voice work for it. If thats the case, how disappointing. Would had been better not to even include his character if they weren't going to keep the voice actor. Supposed to add to the story, not butcher what we already have.

Megaton2230d ago

Looks terrible. One of the most hated characters of ME3 gets his own anime.