Halo Wars Trailer in HD + First Images

Halo Wars" is the next big real-time strategy game from Ensemble Studios, creators of Age of Empires. Designed exclusively for the Xbox 360, "Halo Wars" allows you to take charge of the human UNSC armies and see the Halo universe from a totally new perspective

If you missed the trailer shown at the press conference earlier today, here it is again in HD.

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Eternal E 8084496d ago

insain i am realy look foward to this game damn i hope its not pre-rendered

calderra4496d ago

Still, there's a lot that's right. The Human voices are right. All the armor is extreme-ized just a little, but not too much. Halo (1)'s "floaty" Warthog physics are in full effect.


God of Gaming4496d ago

Oh baby... bring it on MS.. bring it on!

willud4skins4496d ago

everyone knows its cgi retard. it is still cool as hell. it just there to pump people up, thats all

MoonDust4496d ago

He asked if it was pre-rendered, RETARD!

LK4496d ago

oooh yeah baby!!!!!

Marriot VP4496d ago

The website says it's pre-rendered. Although that's quite obvious.

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