The forgotten heroes of Xbox

Heroes in a hard sell - GamesAsylum looks at the forgotten heroes of Xbox.

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ChunkyLover532785d ago

I love Grabbed by the Ghoulies, but it sold poorly and the controls were awful. Still, I heard they might make a sequel. I still own most of the games on this list, Blinx, Voodoo Vince, Stubbs The Zombie and Nightcaster all need HD remakes.

It would be a great way for people who didn't own an original Xbox to get into those series and that could carry over to the Xbox 720, then those franchises could release new games and people would actually want to play them.

Good list, but not forgotten by any means, its just that not a lot of original Xbox's were actually sold, so the software didn't sell particularly well either.

Nes_Daze2785d ago

The current xbox heroes are: that guy from Call of duty, Master Chief, and Marcus...done..

3-4-52785d ago

After looking at the list...

I'm kind of glad none of those characters are back in any games.

They are all kind of generic and non interesting.

Swiggins2785d ago

You know what Microsoft needs to do...

Actually use some of the tallent at Rare and make another Banjo Kazooie game that doesn't make me want to blow my brains out.

I miss Bear and Bird!

3-4-52785d ago

All the Talent at RARE left like 8+ years ago except maybe a person here or there.

Why do people worry about the name instead of the people behind the name.

The Talent FROM RARE is elsewhere making other games.

3-4-52784d ago

I'm sure people around forums know where they are or you could do some research. It would take a bit but somebody has to know where these people work now.

I'd assume some of them have worked on games we've all liked but never knew they were involved because there wasn't that RARE name attached to it.

It's funny that we still look at them fondly..

It's what happens when you continuously pump out GREAT game and great game.

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