Five Franchises Rare Should Bring Back Not Called Banjo-Kazooie

Alex S. from Link Cable Gaming writes: "Rare if you’re listening we have so ideas of some other classic titles in your portfolio that would be great to be brought back and none of them are called Banjo-Kazooie."

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Deathdeliverer40d ago

I think the real issue is that the minds that made those games special are nowhere around. When it’s a series that gets new versions regularly like a COD, Forza, Gears, or Halo you can’t really feel the effects so much of teams changing although I’m sure they do, and all the time. Part of that original vision can live on through some of those team members that remain. In these LONG dormant games they have a far greater chance of ruining the memory of these games and the feel they have us than recapturing it. I think that’s also why Rare hasn’t had a hit since they left Nintendo. Rare should be left to their own vices to make a find a identity and make a new IP. ONLY time I saw a whole new team knock it out the park is the new God of War. Corey killed that.

Saranya40d ago

It's unfortunately that Kameo 2 was canceled by Don Mattrick.

rlow140d ago

Interesting list, I never heard of the gameboy game they had talked about. But I would still like new IPs this gen.

Tra-D21440d ago

A new Perfect Dark would do

jambola40d ago

or they could not tarnish other franchises

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