3DS XL: Worth the Upgrade?

Yesterday was the North American launch for Nintendo’s latest handheld, the 3DS XL. I’ve long been on the fence about the device, I just couldn’t decide whether or not the XL was worthy enough to justify the upgrade. However, I gave into temptation, headed to my local game store, and brought home a sleek red 3DS XL, and now that I’ve spent some serious time with the device, I can happily say that 3DS XL is a fantastic piece of gaming hardware. This is the definitive Nintendo 3DS, and it improves upon the original in almost every way.

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firefoxprime2777d ago

Douchebags. Nintendo knew what they we're doing.

2010: "Oh we were gonna have a November launch, but its to early! We need more time :) Gotta set those launch games, and make'em sparkly!"

"$250? We're not arrogant at all! Now go buy another mario game muhaha!"

"Friend codes n region locks for all!"

2011: "hey. yeah you. We're cuttin 80 bucks off. U mad bro? Oh. Well here's 20 games! What do you mean they're old???"

2012: hey. Remember when we said the 3D screen was to expensive to make bigger? We lied. Introducing the 3DS XL!!!"