Puppeteer detailed - being developed by a small, but incredibly talented group

Puppeteer, a quirky looking platformer announced for the PlayStation 3 at Sony's gamescom press briefing yesterday, has been detailed on the official PlayStation blog.

Gavin Moore, art director at SCE Worldwide Studios took to the blog to talk about the game he's been working on in secret with a small group of people at Japan Studio.

"Puppeteer all takes place in a magical puppet theatre, owned and run by the slightly eccentric but thoroughly charming Professor Gregorious T. Oswald. His latest production is the weirdly titled 'The Perilous Journey of a Boy Named Kutaro'," explained Moore.

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remanutd552781d ago (Edited 2781d ago )

Japan studio makes some unique, weird and fun experiences, i love their work and the fact that they are releasing new IPs this late in the console cycle but how about another unique vita title after Soul Sacrifice? that would be something.

HebrewHammer2781d ago

Put them to work on Folklore 2! Sheesh.

r212781d ago

dont forget design, idea and beautiful graphics :D

IHateYouFanboys2781d ago

is it just me or does this look like it could have been made in little big planet? when i first saw the trailer i thought it was LBP.

now before you all spam the disagree button, im not saying thats a BAD thing. im just pointing out that it bares a striking resemblance.

Bathyj2781d ago

Yeah, but to be fair just about anything can be made in Little Big Planet.

Jdoki2781d ago (Edited 2781d ago )

When I watched the trailer it did remind me of a LBP's art style.