Why The 3DS Franken Stick is Killing Mobile Games

Chris Lock writes: "The recently announced 3DS XL hit the community with some controversy. The expected model revision was going to be something smaller that included a built in analog stick. We got quite the opposite with a bigger system that has no built in analog stick. It will have another franken-stick attachment though, because you wanted to carry that around.

Not long after the announcement people were up in arms about the missing stick. The option to buy a second stick for the original 3DS seemed like a clear admission that the original skew was poorly designed. So it made sense that people were a tad confused and frustrated when the 3DSXL was announced, sans second stick."

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klecser2786d ago

Lack of software is what is killing mobile games, and it doesn't have anything to do with the number of Nintendo sticks. The Vita has two sticks and it has practically no software.

2786d ago
Noctis Aftermath2786d ago

For me, nintendo failed to get my interest for a 2nd time.

I was hoping for a revision of the launch 3ds with a second stick and fix the screen scratching issue of the original.

Instead they didn't want to give a 2nd stick and gave a larger screen which will make the already low resolution screen look twice as bad.

3ds has games i want but nintendo has made it almost impossible for me to desire their hardware.