Breaking: OnLive confirms it will not be closing down [updated]

Rumors are swirling around that cloud-gaming company/platform OnLive is closing its doors. But OnLive says otherwise.

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roblef2256d ago

But it doesn't confirm it won't be laying off tons of staff. It's misdirection.

Dlacy13g2256d ago

total misdirection. It sounds like the company actually has been bought up or possibly sold off quietly. Often in those situations the new company lets go of what they deem dead weight and/or redundant staff that they already have.

something tells me this story gets huge by end of day.

DarkTower8052256d ago (Edited 2256d ago )

Someone could have bought them just for the patents they own and already established infrastructure. So it's still possible everyone is getting laid off. I hope not though.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2256d ago

If they are closing I am sure someone will buy them since they are already a working service.

deantak2256d ago

hmm. we should get a better picture soon. they'll have to address larger questions

R_aVe_N2256d ago

I think they are being bought out and just haven't announced who is buying them out.

Caligula2256d ago

Remember 38 Studios. We got bad news first, problem-covering news second, then an all-out closure.

I am worried about the potential collateral damage if they do shut down. Bigger companies will be fine, but companies like Monkey Paw won't be as lucky.

Soldierone2256d ago

Based on the original source, the company isn't "shutting down" its "becoming something else." Like RAVEN said above, I think they are being bought out.

Another "entity" so they are becoming someone else property. If its going to Xbox or PS3, then that explains why certain titles need to be removed.

crazytown992256d ago

They have an agreement with Ouya too, right?

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The story is too old to be commented.