Target's $779 PS3 Bundle Includes Extra Controller, Two Games

If you're in the market for a Playstation 3, tipster Brendan recommends you check out Target. As you can deduce from the image above, the retail chain is offering the console with a bonus controller and copies of Ratchet & Clank: Tools of Destruction and Heavenly Sword for the slightly mad sum of $779.

Now, if Target was bundling Lair and Mobile Suit Gundam: Crossfire, I'd be vomiting uncontrollably right now, but Tools of Destruction and Heavenly Sword are quality titles you'd most likely pick up anyway. Considering the 40GB PS3 is priced at ~$650, the controller ~$70 and the games ~$100 each, the value is very strong in this one.

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Darkiewonder4370d ago


I guess that's a good deal. Don't know how Australia work.

Bill Gates4370d ago

"by a car with that"....AAHAHAAHAHAHHAHA HA



Rice4370d ago

oh this is in Australia, sounds pretty cheap from a Australian point of view.

solar4370d ago

i was wondering the same.....$779 australian dollars is what american? or euros?

Counter_ACT4370d ago

Why would it be euros with the dollar sign infront?

TheHater4370d ago

For a second, I thought this was for North America. Because that a big rip off. But it for Australia.

jackdoe4370d ago

Same here. I was like, what? And then I saw the .au.

Raptors4370d ago

LMFAO. Same here. I was like thats a gigantic ripoff...then saw the .au and felt kinda stupid...

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TrevorPhillips4370d ago

hey guys im from australia and this is a very good deal really thats why im buying it ohh and if know one here from america know how much this cost in america if its $779 in australia its $590 in america =]

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The story is too old to be commented.